My 2014 Reflection and Prep for 2015

If you've been following me for some time you know that I LOVE New Years. I love it. I don't care how cliche it is to set goals, start over, or feel refreshed. I friggen love it. Who doesn't like a chance for a do-over?? Most of all, I love it because it's just a good time to pause. It's a good time to stop and reflect. Face it. Time flies. Are you ever taking a moment to stop and reflect upon your life? Are you stopping to give praise and gratitude for the life you have? Are you thinking about what kind of changes you need to make? Come on. New Years is awesome. 

I will say that the years pass me by and I normally create this massive goal list. Well, I sucked it up in 2014. I didn't reference it. I didn't focus on my one word. (If you don't know about One Word yet, basically you pick One Word to frame up your whole year.) My list just got shoved aside without much thought. As the year went on, I felt monthly goals were more my style. Even though I didn't knock my list out of the park, I did work on it because my purpose in life pushed me forward on some of the platforms. Here we go. 

2014 Word: Diligence

  1. Continue to learn settings on my camera and save for new lens. I did practice a bit more but didn't take it out as much as I hoped. I am better but not enough to justify a large lens purchase.
  2. Read 15 books with more purpose than frilly novels. Apparently, I can only read fiction. I only managed to squeak out eight books this year and the last one was fiction. And that one I read in a few weeks rather than months. The reason behind this goal was to grow as a business leader. Here's to trying again. 
  3. Be a Shaklee Director by year end and maintain it. CHECK! COMPLETE! DONE! ASS KICKED! 
  4. Pray with intent. I completed a Bible study this year. I loved it. But without that hard schedule my prayer life suffered so some changes must be made 2015. I could write a whole post on this one. Maybe I will later.
  5. Complete The Happy Healthy Truth's 40 Day No Alcohol Challenge and Get Light. Half done. I did the 40 day no alcohol (which yielded some amazing results) but never got into Get Light like I should have. But this gal is one of my main sources for better health knowledge so it's always worth checking her out. 
  6. Set up Editorial Calendar for Blog. Oops. I'm guessing you can tell that didn't happen. I do plan to bring you more in 2015 but I don't think I can schedule it. You can't schedule life with a toddler!
  7. Unplug More. I'm hopelessly addicted to social media. It's gross. I know it's gross. Every day I tell myself I am going to do better. I think it's a commitment issue... #sendhelp
  8. Organize our recipes. Here's the deal. This was on the list because I had a notebook going, a binder going, and a card holder going that my tot took apart. My husband ever so patiently put things back and order. It's just going to stay that way and I'm ok with it. 

So what's on the agenda for 2015??  Lots of good stuff but a much simpler list. The above things are all things that are a part of me. Reading, working, being healthy, attempting to unplug. That's all every day stuff. What I find the most frustrating with myself is how I let the day to day get me down. I have such big picture ideas that the little stuff eats at me when in reality that  day to day stuff should all be working towards my big picture. Duh. I know. Here we go. 


My word is content but I am using it two ways. I need to be content with life but my blogs need content. #SeeWhatIDidThere

My main goal is to achieve Shaklee Coordinator and to build my daily actions towards this big picture. 

Other things include: create content, ask questions, be present in all things, put my phone down, make Bible time, have single minded focus, be my efficient self aka get shit done, make a call, and keep moving. 

I'm not doing a list. I'm not checking things off. I'm focusing on content and coordinator.  All those other things are going to move me in my big picture plan.

Oh, and I'm going to read 12 books. One a month. No rules. Just read. 

What about you? What's in store for your 2015? Leave me a note! I'd love to hear it!