The Day I Decided to Give

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I am following along with the Small Change Challenge by Katie Lee for the month of January. Like other IG challenges, it prompts you to take a photo a day around a certain topic. However, this one not only has you snapping a photo of the day, but it also challenges you to do something for your heart or home. If you're an IG lover and someone who wants to feel small changes in your life ever day, this is the place for you. You can even still jump in an join. 

On the 15th, the prompt was simply "Give". That was the day I decided to truly give my son my time and attention. Something I always mean to do but never give him 100%. 

I don't have an awesome photo to go along with it but that's because I was trying to keep my phone at a distance that day. I just snapped the above photos and put the phone elsewhere. Every day I tell myself, that I am going to focus on my son and focus on my business separately. That never happens. I'm always half present for everything. That means our house is never fully clean. I mean, it's picked up but the deep cleaning is rare. My office space is scattered all over because I am trying to occupy my son where he wants to play and work on things.  So when the prompt to 'give' arrived, I knew what I needed to do. The time during the day that was always supposed to be "Harvey Time" was truly going to be Harvey Time. 

After breakfast, we hunkered down in his tent, with blankets, pillows, and books and read for close to an hour. Then we transitioned over to his safari toy where he showed me how the monkey swings, the zookeeper drives, and how the hippo is his favorite. It was during this time that he stopped and said, "I love you, Mom." Clearly, this give was paying off. Hearing those words followed by, "I need to give you a hug" topped the mom charts. That's all the payment in the world. 

As the day went on, I stuck to my Harvey Time. We were finally able to venture outside where we found ourselves sledding as much as we were able. Fresh air sure is an amazing thing. I still got work done throughout the day but I think we both felt a little better about ourselves because of the intentional action of me focusing my time and attention on him when I was supposed to. 

So my challenge for you this week is to find a day to give. Give your full time and attention for one day to your loved ones. It's free but the rewards are priceless.

Here are a few more of my Instagram posts from this challenge. I love it! 

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