Oh, You're Tired??

You know that feeling you get when you want to punch your snoring spouse in the face because you are up with the kids in the middle of the night (again)??

Or maybe that feeling you have inside when you think your stay at home spouse gets to nap every day while you are working hard?

Or the fact that you finally took a night out as husband and wife and you are both exhausted from that decision but you have to deal with super energetic and downright spastic kids the next day?

Or is that just me and my husband? 

Yep. It's all of us. Some more than others but no one is exempt. 

Yep. It's all of us. Some more than others but no one is exempt. 

I'll have to admit I was on fire inside this morning when my husband groggily came out of the bedroom at 8am saying how ice fishing the day before just wiped him out. Oh, and don't worry, our sleepwalking-for-over-two-months-now toddler didn't wake him in the middle of the night either.  I honestly had to check on my husband around 7:30am to make sure he was still breathing! He never sleeps that late. But rest assured, he was alive and I didn't go into a fit of rage like I wanted. 

I also thought of the weekend mornings he lets me sleep (which is pretty often). 

And I thought of the nap I could take later today (which I did and awoke in a puddle of my own drool).

And I thought of our friends with kids who also haven't slept a full night in a year or years (which is all of them).

I remembered that I'm not alone. I remembered we are all freaking tired and we will be for the next 18 years. So you think you're tired? Go grab a cup of coffee (or a pot of it) like the rest of us and hunker down to do this parenting thing.