The One Thing Your Wife Really Wants

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. When I say I don't want anything for Christmas, or my birthday, or Mother's Day, it's a lie. Yep. It's a lie. Of COURSE I want something! But this something seems to be so expensive that it is never in the budget and never happens. It's also something that shouldn't have to be on a list or asked for and the reality is, it's free to give. It's free to give any day of the week and not just a special occasion. Yes, it's the one thing your wife really wants...

A thank you. 

Yes, a simple and genuine thank you. (Keyword: genuine). 

Not just a thank you for an attempt at a new meal or new position in the bedroom either. 

A genuine, heartfelt, look her in the eyes, put your arms around her waist -- thank you. 

An expression of gratitude and love that doesn't have any strings attached.

A thank you for doing everything that she does for you, your family, and your home (even when the house is a disaster). Because in addition to making those three things her priority, she is probably giving of herself in other aspects of her life too. Ways that you don't even see. Ways that you wouldn't even understand. She is stretched to the max emotionally, physically, and spiritually and all you need to do to fill her up every now and then is to say thank you