A Call To Love

Today I'm thinking about complacency. 

I believe in women cutting themselves some slack. I believe in being real with each other. I believe in an UN-Pinterest way of life. I believe in encouraging others because day to day life and motherhood is hard. But as my friend Val stated today, sometimes being enough isn't enough

Sometimes we fall into a state of survival. Sometimes that's what we need: as women and as mothers, as wives and as caregivers. But how often do we camp out and stay there? We fall into this perpetual "woe is me" status and we tell ourselves that it's ok. And it is... temporarily

But really, we are called to do so much more, to be so much more, to shine and thrive.  

As the Lenten season begins today, I feel a tugging at my heart to be more. To be more of a wife. To be more of a mother. To be more for my home (because she is dusty and needs a sweepin'!). To be more in the church. To be more of a friend. To be more as a mentor. To help others. To do all of it with love. Fully and completely. 

I feel like there is a way for me to do all that I feel I need to do. I know there is a way. And I am on a mission to find it. I feel it in my heart. I feel it around me. I know the path is right there and I need to work on opening my heart to it. 

One important thing for me is to have Bible time every day. It isn't a habit that I grew up with. It isn't a practice that I'm good at. I'm not even sure why I feel this way but I do. Ideally, I would awake before my household and I would snuggle up by the fireplace with a hot cup of tea. Just me and the Book. But that doesn't happen. 

So instead I have been incorporating a Bible time with my son. He has two toddler Bibles so he has to sit and read his while I read mine. Of course, it is filled with interruptions and not as serene as I'd prefer but at this moment in my life I like to think of the example it is setting for him. Today I noticed he was fixated on pictures of a blind beggar, washing the mud off his eyes, and being able to see. Today I stopped and we read the story together. He actually stopped and listened to the whole story. And while he maybe didn't understand the message I couldn't help but think maybe the message was really for me. 

A message to remind me to stop and allow Jesus to help me see. See this path that is in front of me, the path that is tugging at my heart, the path that will help my home. As I read through my passages there was a clear message that was revolving around love. Loving the Lord. Loving others. Loving self. So today, as I start my Lenten journey, I will focus on love.