How I Embrace Laundry

Laundry. Everyone just sigh with me.  Ready??


Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about it. Laundry is more than likely one of your most dreaded chores. It's time consuming. It causes clutter all over the house. It involves many steps to actually get completed. It takes even more if you have to iron the clothes. It feels never ending. 

I've seen ideas to do a load a day. I will tell you that method is not for me. If I have to do a load of laundry every day that means I am ALWAYS doing laundry. That means there is a chance that there is a pile of clothes visible at all times. No thanks. Even when I worked full time, Saturday was laundry day. If we were busy, it was Sunday. If doing a load every day works for you, I applaud you. It's just not my thing.

Here's how I embrace laundry. 

I had to put the text where it is to cover my pantless kid. Haha!! 

I had to put the text where it is to cover my pantless kid. Haha!! 

  • Just get it done. Normally, I do laundry on Mondays. I can get all four to six loads done and put away by noon if I really focus on it. That means when I hear the timer that a load is done, I immediately go to the laundry room and take care of it. The longer it sits in the dryer the longer the whole process takes. If I just get it done, it's out of the way for another week. 
  • Fold clothes in the bedroom. Our laundry room is in our basement. All of bedrooms where we store our clothes are upstairs. I used to just sit in the laundry room and fold all of the clothes---which was dumb because most of them get hung up in a closet upstairs. Now I just take the basket of clothes, fresh from the dryer, up to our bedroom. This helps me immediately put all the clothes away too. Our son's room is right by ours so his clothes get put away faster this way too. If I do happen to be doing laundry when he's sleeping, I put his folded clothes right next to his door so when he's up in the morning they are put away right away. 
  • Get your kids involved. Putting your kids clothes away shouldn't be your chore, it should be theirs. My son has been putting most of his own clothes away since he was two. Yes, they come unfolded sometimes. Yes, he sometimes just throws them in his room. BUT him getting them that far is steps that I don't have to take and the majority of the time, he gets them put away. He also helps me put clothes in the washer, move them to the dryer, clean the lint trap (that's his "job" he says), and start the machines. He's not quite tall enough to add the soap but he still tries. He can go check the machines and tell me they are done if we missed the buzzer. Getting him involved gives him responsibility and includes him in the chore. 
  • Pre-treat your clothes in a timely manner. I have a toddler. He's a mess 99% of his waking hours. While I don't mind if his clothes are stained, I also don't want to ruin his clothes and since we are at home, I normally make him change so I can pre-treat whatever mess we have going on. I use these non-toxic products that make pre-treating a breeze! Some of the time the stains come out before even getting into the wash! That's how awesome these products can be! 
  • Kids and adults combined! One thing I have never done and that is wash my son's clothes separately. I know babies have sensitive skin. I know people wash all newborn items separately. My son has eczema so harsh cleaning products would most certainly make his skin flare up. But separating out his teeny tiny clothes would add at least another load to the cycle. No way, dude. Again, because I use products that are non-toxic, they are immediately the safest option even for newborn clothing. It saves time this way if I can combine everyone's clothes together. 
Sometimes the clothes don't make it all the way to their spots but at least it's in his room!

Sometimes the clothes don't make it all the way to their spots but at least it's in his room!

What are some of your quick cleaning tips?


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When my son was 13 months old, he got into our laundry detergent and ingested some. He coughed a little, vomited a little, and a call to Poison Control later we knew he'd be ok. But it was one of the most scary parent moments I've had. The next day I was able to talk to someone in the product development line for Shaklee and he explained more about the safety of these products. From that moment on I was hooked. I'm not passionate about cleaning, I dread it as much as anyone, but the SAFETY it brought to my family is something every family should have. That is why I am passionate about this. 

Click here to Get Clean today! 

Click here to Get Clean today!