My Skincare Routine

I have to admit that washing my face at night is not something that I get done regularly. I know. I'm gross. I'm going to have wrinkles. And it's like a cardinal sin for women. I get it. But I'm lazy. 

There. I said it. 

However, at 31 years old and still getting zits that feel like they are rooted in the depths of hell, I decided I needed to stop being lazy and just get better at taking care of my skin. Starting with this New Year, I have been much more diligent with my face washing and even following a skin care routine with amazing nutrient filled products. I have also been trying to reduce my sugar and alcohol intake. I have added in a few other supplements to my routine to help heal my skin internally as well. Skin heals from the inside out!

Our skin is the last to receive nutrients from our food. Nutrients go to vital organs first and then work their way outwards. If we don't have enough good nutrients in our diets our skin draws the short end of the stick. So I'm not even talking the need to eliminate sugars or alcohol. Just the lack of nutrients itself can be leaving your skin with more imperfections than desired. 

Now, since I stay home my makeup usage has dramatically reduced. Even when leaving the house I use this fantastic mineral make up sparingly. I was using another brand and it started to make my skin crawl. Since switching to this brand, my skin just feels so much better. But even though I rarely wear make up, it is still important to wash my face at night since I know I touch it several times throughout the day. Or it gets touched by my little one...

Morning Routine

  • Use a purifying cleanser with my Clarisonic Mia. Normally this is done while I shower. Clarisonics aren't cheap but I've had mine for years, use it every day, have never had an issue with it, and feel it cleans my face to much better. I love it! It was worth the investment.
  • Use a purifying toner. Now this is a step I normally would skip, however since adding this into the routine I have noticed a HUGE difference in the firmness of my skin especially my forehead. It's so smooth! I think this was the step that was needed to tie all the great skincare products together. 
  • Use eye makeup remover if necessary. I love this eye make up remover. It is so gentle and takes off even fiber lashes. However, I like NOT having to use it so I try to skip the mascara more and more. 
  • Use an AM repair lotion with SPF. This was a recent addition for me but between this and the toner, I'm in love. Plus, it already has SPF 15 in it so it's going to be great come summer time!

Evening Routine

  • Use a purifying cleanser with a baby rag. Yes, a baby rag. I love the Just One You brand baby rags from Target. They keep their shape and are super soft on one side and have a little bit of abrasiveness on the other side. I figured if they are good for a baby's skin then they should be used on my face. I have my own set! I like saving the Clarisonic for the shower and the rag for at night. 
  • Use eye make up remover. This is used more frequently at night if I wear make up during the day. 
  • Use a purifying toner again! Yes, I'd normally skip this step but I have noticed it is such an important one and I feel it really ties the whole system together. 
  • Use a night cream or repair cream. Here I will use several different options together depending on what my skin is doing at the time. 
    • Acne Repair--for those rooted in the depths of hell painful zits!
    • C+E Repair--for under and around eyes or any zit scarring that is going on
    • Hydrating Moisturizer--overall moisturizer used after the specialty lotions listed above. 

I found this interactive face map that allows you to determine some causes of your problem areas on your face. It's neat to see what kinds of nutritional gaps there might be that causes acne. Try out the face map here

Nutritional Additions

  • Vitalizer
    • I have started my day with Vitalizer for almost three years. I can't imagine not having this high quality supplement to give my body the nutrients it needs to perform optimally. You can watch a great short video about Vitalizer and its benefits. 
  • GLA Complex
    • I started taking this just in case my zits were hormonal. This supplement is designed to help regulate monthly cycles for women and I know several others have had luck reducing their acne by adding this in. Plus, this one has some pretty sweet side effects in the bedroom. **wink wink**
  • Liver Dtx
    • Since my problem area was my chin and I knew that was tied to the liver and kidneys, I decided to add in Liver Dtx. By adding this and reducing alcohol, I have noticed a huge difference.

How do you show your skin some love?