Five More Things Your Mom Never Told You

Image from Huff Post blog. 

Image from Huff Post blog

I saw this picture in my Facebook feed today and it spoke straight to my heart. After having my own "crying in the bathroom party" for a few minutes today, seeing this not only spoke to me but also made me think of my mom and all the things that were left unsaid. That just adds to the sentiment. Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is even harder when you lost your own mom too soon. Motherhood is super annoying when you hear your mom in your own voice whether she is still living or not. I'm amazed at how often I hear my own mom or feel frustrations that might have lead to some of the comments she made over the years. I mean, some of those make me laugh now too but I'm the only one who gets the joke.

So, I looked at this list and agreed but being in the mood that I was in today I figured it would be a good opportunity to put some more unsaid things in writing. 

5 More Things

  1. You drive her crazy. No really, she feels completely off her rocker around you sometimes and wishes she could disappear for a moment or two. A moment or two just for some peace and quiet. Just to take a breath. Just to have a break. 
  2. She longs for a break. Sometimes she just needs that breather. But as soon as you are out of sight she misses you like crazy. It's the most bizarre feeling in the world to want to be away from someone so much but never apart at the same time. 
  3. She doesn't want to fight. You fight her on everything from what to wear, from what to eat, from what color cup she should have put your milk in. You don't make this parenting gig any easier. As you age, there's a good chance it could get worse. There's really no predicting what kind of relationship you are going to have when you get older and that makes her dread you aging. Mostly because she knows she was a horrible teenager herself, something she wishes she could go back and change daily.
  4. Even though she says she is living for herself, she'll never forget about you. Moms can go on a "me time" binge but deep down they never stop caring for their kids and family. It's part of them. It's who they are called to be. And even though she declares life is all about her sometimes, she knows who she is taking care of along the way. Just let her have her moments too. She deserves them.
  5. She wants to be supported too. Sometimes mom needs a cheerleader. Sometimes mom needs to be told it will be ok. Sometimes she wants you to show her compassion. She wants you to learn that lesson sooner in life rather than later. Before she's gone. Before it's too late. And she wants you to just know. She doesn't want to have to tell you. She wants it to be the thing left unsaid that you just do on your own. 

What are some things you'd add to this list? Comment below or share on social media.

Hope you have a great week!