Mom is Not a Morning Person

In college, a friend and I went out one bedroom apartment shopping together because we both wanted to live alone. We were entering our senior year and we were done with that roommate stuff. We had high standards and wanted to live in a safe neighborhood and a clean building.  We went together because we wanted to live by each other but most definitely not with each other. As we hunted and hunted for the perfect spot we soon realized that we could save quite a bit of money each month if we got a two bedroom apartment instead of one. By the end of the day, we decided we could handle living with each other to save money. But there was one major rule. 

No talking in the morning. 

That's right. We both were NOT morning people. Every day we got ready, side by side, at the same time, in that tiny apartment bathroom and did not say a word to each other. When we got back from class in the afternoon, it was chatter as usual. But when the morning came it was the same routine. Complete silence. I do remember one morning she quietly said we didn't have to be completely silent. Haha. So we slowly broke in but for months we stuck to the rule.

Fast forward and insert motherhood.  

Mom is not a morning person.

Where do you even begin to talk about sleep deprivation and motherhood? It can carry on for years. I don't wish sleep deprivation on my enemies. So we aren't going to get into sleep deprivation because that's just cruel. We are just going to simply talk about when mom is not a morning person. 

I've never been a morning person. Ever. See story above.  I know I should be striving for nine hours of uninterrupted sleep every night because that's what I need. Let's all take a moment to pause and laugh at that. **hands on hips*** Ha! Ha! Ha! Nine hours of uninterrupted sleep? Ain't nobody got time for that?!

The past few mornings our dear little one has graced us with his presence around 5:30 am. If I can get to him before my husband gets up for work, there's a good chance I can get him back to sleep. But the odds have not been in my favor. Have you ever been around a chatty toddler at 5:30 am? Especially when you're NOT a morning person? Tension runs high. Coffee is brewed strong. And mom can get snippy. 

I'm sorry! I really am! But I just can't control it. I know I sound like a bear cat in the morning. I just can't deal with it! Day one my hubby took no pity on me and basically told me to shape up. Ugh, how rude. How about brew me a cup of coffee buddy?! Another morning, I just looked at him and fake cried until I got a hug. That's how ugly this is around here. Me "crying" and begging for a hug. But this is how the morning went today...

Little one wakes early just as my hubby's alarm is going off. Darn! It's so warm and cozy in this bed. So I get up and ask my boy if he needs to use the bathroom, which he does, so we take care of that and then I tell him to go play because I'm going to lie down again. Ha! Such a nice mom. But he does and pretty soon I hear him back in the bathroom. So from my warm spot in bed, I start asking him what he's doing. He replies,

"Mom, I just need to poop."

That poor thing went into the bathroom, lights off, got his onesie jammies off, underwear off and made it up onto the toilet himself to take care of business so I could be lazy in bed. I was proud and embarrassed all at the same time. Seriously, woman?? Getting up with this child is your job. Just get your lazy bones out of bed. You aren't going to melt from getting up that early. You know how to work the Keurig yourself.

Lesson learned today. Even if mom isn't a morning person, she works from son up until son down. 

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