Beating the Odds

I have to admit there are many times in my days when I question my path in life. 

Am I a good mom? 

Am I meant to pursue my dreams by trying to balance working at home?

Am I a good wife?

Am I a good housekeeper? (No, the answer is no). 

What am I going to make for supper?!?! 

But all of that is just your mind playing tricks on you. 

Yes, you are a good mom. You might not always have good moments but you love your children and you carry their best interests with you always. Even when it doesn't feel the best. 

Yes, you are meant to pursue your dreams! Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom, a working at home mom, or a career focused woman putting kids on hold, GO DO IT! You have one life to live. Make it your best. 

Yes, you are a good wife. Of course, there's always room for improvement but the fact that you have your spouse on your mind should count for something, right? :) 

Yes, you are a good housekeeper. Your house is filled with love, laughter, memories, and the people you love. Sure, it's filled with dust, dirty dishes, gross bathrooms, and laundry piles everywhere you look, but so what? Make your house your home, whatever that means to you. 

What are you going to make for supper?? Now, there's the million dollar question...

But what I want to tell you today, is that you were born to beat the odds. Don't let doubt be bigger than your dream. Go confidently in YOUR direction. Remember, it's your direction and yours alone. 

Have a great day!