When a Boy Brings You Flowers

It's springtime. Well, some days it feels like spring when Mother Nature isn't being confusing between winter and summer again. But the calendar says it's spring and the sight of fresh yellow buds all over everyone's yards is a sure sign that warmer days are ahead.

To a toddler, these yellow flowers are the most amazing creation they've ever seen. Every one of them must be picked and paraded around. My son takes it up a level with hiding them behind his back and "surprising" me with each one too. He had free reigns at a lilac bush last weekend and it was like a whole new flower heaven was found.

So what do you do when a little boy (or girl) brings you flowers?


I receive each one like a bouquet of a dozen roses. 

I smell each one like I love the aroma. 

I am filled with gratitude for the kind gesture. 

I hope to encourage this kindness for years to come. 

I beam back at that little face full of pride. 

I tell him how sweet he is that he wanted to give them to me. 

I realize how lucky I am that my little one doesn't make me keep track of every flower and that I can quickly toss it aside and he will forget about it. 

But most of all, I soak up the moment that too soon will pass. Next spring, these yellow buds might just mean weeds to him. In a few months, some of these actions may fade. For now, I will cherish every one of them so carefully picked for this boy's momma.