Why I Won't Show You My Before and After Photos

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day because I was looking for blog posts that would inspire moms. The posts needed to give moms a sense of peace, a sense of purpose, and a sense that they were doing a great job. It was meant to share the words of other writers who wanted to inspire moms and give them a message of hope. 

I was so disappointed as a scrolled through "motivating mom posts". 

I was bombarded with before and after photos of moms who had major body transformations or were giving tips on how to exercise with their children or maybe even had some secret solution to share. Like I said, I was disappointed. 

I was disappointed because if you are an exhausted mom looking for a helpful tip, these before and after photos are not going to inspire you. Chances are it is going to add to that pile of guilt that you are already harboring. Sure, you might pin a couple of good ideas and even try some new moves. But to keep scrolling through that feed and see picture after picture like that? What was the really going to do for you??

But, Tracy, you have your own before and after photos!  It's part of your Shaklee 180 journey! 

Yes, I have before and after photos of my own personal transformation. But you won't see them anymore. 

That's right. I won't show you my before and after photos. 


Because not everyone is ready to have a major physical and health transformation.  That's why diets fail, products go unused, and money is spent and spent again. You might not be ready. When you are really ready, you'll know. You might have to remind yourself daily that now is the time. You will more than likely fall down and have to get back up again and again. But when you are ready, it makes getting up that much easier. 

Because my journey is not the same as yours. I was at an emotionally low point to realize I really needed to make a change. I had an 11 month old baby and was coming off a miscarriage. My body was foreign to me. I knew it would be different after a child but I also knew there was opportunity to get healthier. I took matters into my own hands to change my body. I had no plan. I didn't know what kind of results I was going to get. All I knew is that I trusted the program that I chose and I embraced the process to the fullest. Yes, I made mistakes and had bad days but I was determined to make a change. I was ready.

Because every body is different. Every BODY is different. My body is not the same as yours. My body is not the same as any fit mom on Pinterest. There are choices we make every single day with the food we eat and the movements we make that help shape our bodies. But our bodies react differently to different things and that's ok too.  It's more important to realize that your body is your own. It was designed just for you. How you nourish it and move with it is entirely up to you and your result may be different than what you desired. That's ok. Love your body. That's a big part of any journey.

All this said, I applaud all kinds of fit moms. From not fit yet, to not really fit, to kinda fit, to want to be fit, to fit as a fiddle, to fit ain't my thang, to I've tried fit and it doesn't work, to I am doing all that I can: YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!  It is hard to find something that works for you but it's oh so amazing when you do. I am blessed to have found Shaklee and BurstClub to be my foundation  when it comes to my health and exercise. When someone wants to learn more because they've seen such a positive change in me, I am thrilled to share what I know. Simply share and support. I also understand that not everyone is ready, my journey is not like everyone else's, and every body is different. 

And when and if you're ready to create your own journey with your own body, I'd be happy to talk to you about what I've learned. But you're still not seeing that photo...

And did you know that I hate science?

Yes, it's true! Science was the lamest school subject ever. I just couldn't stand it. I was never a researcher. I didn't like any of it. I am not big on analytics. I like to learn from people I trust, but in the most abridged possible way. As I *ahem* grow wiser, science is a BIG DEAL when it comes to our bodies and it's amazing when you learn about how you can be healthier! While it's simple science, there are certain things out there proven to work. These two below can be dynamic if they are right for you. I'd encourage you to take a look! You never know! 

The best quick workout!

BURSTClub Rocks!

The quickest morning routine!