Why I Am Enjoying This Mid-Year Reflection

I'm a big New Year's Eve person. I love the holiday. I love the reminder that you have the opportunity to start anew. I love making lists for the year and seeing how much I can accomplish in 365 days. 

Most of the time, it all goes out the window by March...

Not all of it, but soon the list gets misplaced, the desires change, and the ambition dwindles. I come in hot, but am quick to fade (some of the time). Sometimes, my focus just changes. Sometimes my priorities change. Sometimes LIFE just freaking happens. Instead of dwelling on what is not getting done, I re-write the list, change the plan, or get refocused. Because every day can be treated like New Year's Day. 

I stumbled upon a blog post I wrote a year ago at this time so cleverly titled "A Year Ago..." It was a reflection of the past year of my life and how going from working woman to stay at home mom had uncovered some things that I wasn't expecting. Looking at it with another 365 under my belt, I can say so much has changed but yet some of my core desires are still the same. 

We felt that me staying home was the best fit for our family. That feeling stays true. Watching our son grow the past two years has been an amazing and eye opening experience. As we embark on a new path of parents of two come this fall, we will be reminded again why we were meant to make this work. Yes, there are days I have questioned if this has been the right decision. Yes, there are days I just want to finish a thought without being interrupted. Yes, there are days that it has been stressful financially (mostly because I want to book a solo vacation to a deserted island and darn, we just don't have the funds). It hasn't been easy to walk away from a nine year corporate paycheck but we knew that God would provide. We didn't know how but we knew we would make it work. 

I believed I was meant to make a difference outside of corporate walls. Yes, a year ago I knew I had a purpose just waiting out there for me to harness and ignite. A year ago, I felt that purpose was to help people be better. A year ago it was more focused around people finding better health and a better life. Today, that passion remains but my core focus is around helping others realize that they can have  more flexibility in their lives. I've found people want the freedom to be with their families (and rightly so) but most of us are stuck in jobs we despise with schedules that rule us. It doesn't have to be like that. There are other ways if you are willing to be bold, trusting, and take a chance. 

I reflected on my coaching abilities. A year ago, I knew that I wasn't always the best coach, but realized that I was a good coach. Yes, I handle things with tough love. Every day I pray that God softens that characteristic.  But I have always been willing to get in the trenches with my team. You can't ask others to follow you if you aren't willing to do the work yourself. I'd like to think this stands true with my Shaklee team. I may not always be the best team leader, but everyone knows that I will always be in the trenches with them. With a side of tough love, of course. :) 

I focused on being a better mom. There have been many moments the past two years that I have doubted if we made the right choice for me to stay home. I'm not always the most playful mom. I'm not always the most chipper mom. I'm not always the most hands on mom. But every day when my son wakes up and groggily walks out of his room, I have the opportunity to snuggle him until he says stop. I have the chance to teach him to be independent by making him play by himself sometimes. I get to teach him first hand how to do chores around the house and encourage that toddler help whenever my patience allows. (Don't scoff, I let him help more than you think. It kills me, but I do.) 

So this mid-year reflection has been good for the soul this year. Going back to read my feelings from a year ago reminded me of why I am on the path I am on. It reminded me to push doubt aside and take the reigns again. It reminded me why I wanted to be home with my boy and how I need to make each day the best. It reminded me of why Shaklee is still a part of my life and why I continue to pursue my dream with this business. It reminded me why I enjoy coaching others in the Shaklee business: because I have hopes that they will find better health, happiness, and financial flexibility to enjoy their loved ones more. 

Here's to June through December!