Children's Health: Good, Better, Best

When people come to me with different health concerns, I always recommend starting small and then adding in things to their specific needs. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor and the things I recommend are based off of personal use by my family or other Shaklee testimonials! Consult your physician before starting anything and read the labels for a full understanding.

One recurring hot topic for moms is of course children's health so I put together what my son takes for easier review. This regimen would be ideal for toddlers up to a certain age and I started my son at the age of one. Up until that point, he was getting nutrients from breastmilk (which contained extra goodies from the Vitalizer I was taking!). 

Supplementation also does not replace a good diet! Ever! As parents, feeding our children is probably one of THE hardest things we have to deal with. We all know that we should strive to make good choices but it's super hard and then these little kids get personalities of their own and fight us! We give in because we are frustrated and just want them to eat something! Unfortunately, our kids don't end up eating nutritionally to fuel their little growing bodies. That is why smart supplementation is important but it does not give us a free pass to be lazy in our parenting efforts. Patience and diligence is key. Difficult, but key! My son LOVES fruit but veggies are another story so I know he is missing key nutrients. 

Here is my good, better, best recommendation.

Incredivites:  I love this product because it is free of artificial colors, sweeteners, or preservatives. I believe in these vitamins for my son because they have lactoferrin, an enzyme commonly found in mother’s milk and is immune boosting, and gives him well rounded nutrition when he maybe doesn’t eat the best.

Chewable Vitamin CDid you know that our bodies cannot store vitamin C so we need to replace it daily? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps support your immune system and protect against free radical damage. Shaklee has several options of Vitamin C to help give little bodies the immune boosting nutrient it needs to fight off the seasonal cold and flu.

Mighty Smarts: Healthy omegas deliver key nutrients our children need for healthy brain and eye function. It also helps reduce inflammation in the body so for conditions like asthma and eczema, which have inflammation responses, it can help control their symptoms. My son has eczema and we control it by adding extra omegas into his day with the Mighty Smarts. I also reduce dairy for a couple of days when he has flare ups. First, I tried adding a capsule of the Omega Guard directly to his beverages but he caught on to that real fast! I decided to splurge on the Mighty Smarts every month because it was really not that much to spend if it helped my child’s body and his brain development! His health is worth the investment to me and I have noticed such a great change in his skin since taking Mighty Smarts daily that it has proven its worth!

Other supplements/products that can be great benefits to children: 

Optiflora ProbioticI often encourage people if they are going to take anything that this is one product that is a must. So much of our immune system, digestive system, and overall health is controlled by how healthy our gut is. Probiotics deliver live microflora to our lower gut and the key to making sure it works is making sure the bacteria stays alive until it gets to the right place in your body! Shaklee’s patented delivery system triple encapsulates the probiotic so you know you are getting everything out of this little supplement making it effective.

Chewable Cal MagThis is a new product that we have added to our daily regimen. My son takes 1-2 of these chewables at night before he goes to bed. He was in a several month habit of getting up randomly in the middle of the night (and that wasn’t ok with this momma!). Chewable Cal Mag does so much for our bodies that if it helped him sleep through the night it was worth trying. It gives him calcium too! Chewable Cal Mag helps with night terrors, growing pains, and restlessness. Sometimes my husband and I take a few before bed too! We both notice better sleep in all of us when we take it, plus it’s safer than other products and non-habit forming as it is just minerals your body needs! I get occasional foot cramps and I feel so much better when I have these on hand. Plus, it's a good pregnancy add on supplement to make sure baby gets another dose of calcium too. 

Performance Hydration DrinkPerformance is Shaklee's hydration drink. I love having this on hand as a juice alternative for my son. It’s great on these hot days plus it’s free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

Not sure where to start? Contact me and we can talk through it! Sometimes it is just easier to talk through some of the solutions that can be added to your family's daily routine. 

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 I am not a doctor and the things I recommend are based off of personal use by my family or other Shaklee testimonials! Consult your physician before starting anything and read the labels for a full understanding.