New Directors Conference Recap 2015

Earlier this month, my husband and I had the privilege of attending an all expense paid Shaklee conference in the San Francisco Bay area. I had worked my business over the past year to have been able to earn this conference for both of us to attend! While initially my hubby wasn't "thrilled" that he had to attend the training piece of it, I know he enjoyed being there and I was so glad he got to experience it with me! They said they used to nickname it the "hook the spouse" conference!  The first speaker was even a former resistant husband who had turned the corner to support his wife 100% in the business. Women typically start the business but husbands pay more attention once the checks start rolling in! So if that's your household, you're not alone. :)

Here are some highlights!

Free stuff when we got to our rooms each day!

I thought it was one of the coolest things to come back to your hotel room and find gifts. Samples, water bottles, commemorative photos, it really didn't matter WHAT the gift was but the feeling that you got when you walked into the room and someone tried to make you feel special. THAT was amazing. 

Meeting friends in person and making new friends!

Because I have a strong online presence with my business, I have made some online Shaklee friends along the way. I was over the moon to learn some of them that I talk to almost daily had also earned this conference. Then there was meeting brand new people! To be honest, the first night at the reception, I was super nervous. My husband and I sat there at a table by ourselves, not seeing anyone I knew, and I was thinking "Crap. This is going to suck."  Then this lovely couple from New York came and joined us. It was such a blessing and I have enjoyed staying connected with them since we got home. They were just the beginning of the table of friends we were about to meet. Now my online circle has grown and we made friends across the country. And the important thing was making sure we could see ourselves drinking on the beach with them someday. #priorities 

Amazing training at the Shaklee Headquarters!

We were transported from our hotel to Shaklee's headquarters for training. To be at the home office was amazing in itself. We got a tour of the home office and the brand new science innovation center. We heard from CEO, Roger Barnett. We heard from field leaders across the organization about the trials and successes they have had with their businesses. We heard from support staff at the home office. We were welcomed ON A RED CARPET! I don't have awesome pictures of this because I couldn't quite believe it. All of it was such a blessing to be there and when I realize that ANYONE can earn this type of treatment, it really puts it into perspective on the company. 

Spending five whole days with my love!

Yes, my hubby was there more for the "hook the spouse" piece of it.

But first, let's take a moment to notice how handsome he is in his suit....

Ok. So having my husband with me was probably one of the biggest highlights of the trip. I know he has always supported my business but I also know he never really understood the business. He figured I was just holing myself up with my computer for hours at a time and saying I was "working". For him to hear stories, see the home office, tour the innovation center, and meet other people helped change his perspective. It's still my business but he has a better understanding of how his participation really makes a difference to me. He understands why it's important for me as a stay at home mom to have something like this for myself. Oh, and did I mention how good he looks in a suit?

Spending an extra day taking a vacation--because we could! Both financially and time wise!

Because the conference ended on Friday night and departures weren't until Saturday, there was an option to extend the trip a day! My husband and I took a day trip into San Francisco where we were "power tourists" seeing as much as we could in one day. Unfortunately, the fog never lifted enough for us to see the whole Golden Gate bridge but we can say we saw it. But having the time and freedom to take this day was so much more than the sights. 

I don't remember the last vacation my husband and I took alone and with a child on the way this fall, a vacation is the farthest thing from our to-do list. My friend laughed at me when I said the best part of the trip was that I didn't have to cook a meal. But it was the best part! For five days, someone waited on me. Someone else cleaned up after me. I was FREE. And the trip was FREE. So you really can't get much better than that!

Truly a one of a kind experience!

From visiting the home office, to meeting new people, to my husband learning more about my Shaklee business--this was truly the trip of a lifetime--and it is just the beginning! I've now set my sights on earning Dream Trips and building a bigger business. The possibilities are endless when you have the right vision and the right determination. It is completely up to you. 

Watch my video recap! 

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