Why Sometimes Life Isn't Always Homemade

If you've been following me for awhile, you probably know a few things.  I can be brutally honest (with myself too). I am always on a mission to better myself and my family in some way. I like to create a sense of 'happy medium' when it comes to our food intake.  I'm real with my readers. 

So tonight, friends, I'm keeping it real. 

This week has been a blur. I don't feel like we've been home most of the week. We were gone most of the day yesterday meeting with a specialist regarding our current pregnancy so my mind has been all over (which we received good news so that made it better!)  I feel like no matter how much grocery shopping I do our cupboards are bare and my son doesn't want any of the suggestions that I throw out there. It's just been an exhausting week for some reason. 

I think most of us struggle with the age old question, "What's for dinner?" I know when I was working outside of the home, I struggled with most days. I even resorted to a white board on the door so I could see what I needed to get ready before I left the house for the morning. Now that I am home every day, dinner time does come a bit easier but it is by no means my strength.  

I always attempt to make our dinners as close to homemade as possible. The closer we can stick to whole foods the better. This week you may have seen my posts on creamy homestyle turnips followed by spaghetti with homemade meatballs. But by tonight? I didn't have any creativity left. 

No, tonight I realized at about 5:22pm that I didn't have a thing in mind for dinner. I saw some hamburger buns on the counter that if I didn't use would go to waste. I didn't want to grill burgers. So I started digging in the freezer...

I found a few frozen chicken patties and a bag of frozen french fries. Tonight we called that dinner. And guess what, mommas?

It's ok.

It's ok if every night isn't a gourmet meal. 
It's ok if you have to riffle through the freezer to put something on the table.
It's ok if you know better but just can't make it happen this time. 
It's ok if you are exhausted and you just need to fill your family's bellies. 

But mommas, want to know what's not ok? 

  • It's not ok to feel guilty about it. You need to let that go. There are other things that require more attention and energy. Guilty over a last minute meal? Not worth it. 
  • It's not ok to worry about judgment. This goes hand in hand with the guilt. Let others judge. That's their issue, not yours. 
  • It's not ok to become complacent. It's easy to fall into a place of complacency. It can be easy to camp out there too. We are running in a million directions. We are lucky we survive most days. But I always want to encourage you to wake up tomorrow with a new fire in your belly. 

Mommas, make tomorrow better than today, even if it's not a homemade day.