Five Ways I Am Going to Make Tomorrow Awesome

Wow. Today was another one for the books. The level of nagging, crabbing, whining, yelling, etc was through the roof. And whether it was coming from me or the toddler, it was hard to tell at times. Ok, it was mostly me. Just worn out. Done. Ready to call it a day. As I was looking through my phone to decide which photo to use for this post, I realized I don't have many happy pics with my tot lately. So instead of writing about how crappy today was I thought I would share with you how I am going to intentionally make tomorrow awesome. 

  1. I'm going to snuggle more. My days with an only child are numbered. Snuggle sessions with this kid are going to be less and less. Nothing fills my son's soul up more than sitting close and reading books. No matter how sunny it is tomorrow, we are snuggling. 
  2. I'm going to ignore some bad habits. In the name of consistency, I find myself nit picking at everything my son does or doesn't do. I've left any form gentle guiding aside and gone straight to commander. (Shocker, I know.) So tomorrow, I'm ignoring some of the things that drive me crazy. 
  3. I'm going to make him laugh. Nothing is better than hearing your child laugh. Nothing feels better than laughing. It's a win-win. 
  4. I'm going to sit and play the first time he asks. I've fallen into a bad habit of responding, "just a minute" when my son is asking me to play resulting in him having to ask multiple times. But in an effort to make tomorrow awesome, we are going to play (and I promise not to look at the clock every two minutes...). 
  5. I'm giving myself a break. Today was rough. I was far from perfect. Heck, I was far from good but I saw a quote on Instagram that put it all into perspective. "I may not be the perfect mom, but I'm exactly the mom my kids need."  I'll never be perfect and neither will my children. But that doesn't mean I can't be the mom my kids need and give myself a break every now and then. The more refreshed I am, the better I am for everyone.