Make Tomorrow Amazing! 30 Day Challenge

Join us for a powerful 30 days focused on your health and energy! This isn’t a weight loss or workout challenge and you don’t even need to look at a scale. The purpose of the next 30 days is to get back to basics. My team and I are prepared to share 30 health tips, our family recipes, and ways we use Shaklee as a base for our nutrition. We are busy women and moms. We need to focus on ourselves so we have energy for our families. My team does that by starting the day with the best nutrition plan in the world and we are committed to helping you feel amazing! 

How do I join? From now until 9/2, purchase a Vitalizing Plan from Shaklee. No long term commitments just 30 days of base health from Shaklee. In this kit you will receive 30 days’ worth of the new and ground breaking Energizing Life Shake from Shaklee along with a 30 day supply of Vitalizer, one of the most comprehensive nutrient supplements in the world.  (If you prefer to start with another kit, please talk with your Shaklee sponsor).

What else does joining get me? If you are not a member, you will get your lifetime membership to Shaklee for free along with FREE shipping on this order! If you are already a member, you get FREE shipping on your order too!  You will get support from your Shaklee sponsor. You will be added to our fun and interactive Facebook group where you can learn from others. 

What if I don’t order my kit in time? That’s ok!! If you miss the 9/2 deadline, message your Shaklee sponsor that you still want to join and you will be added to the group as soon as your kit is ordered! The group starts 9/8 but you can hop in at any time!

What makes Shaklee so special? Shaklee products have the proof that they work and not just because people say that. When we say scientific proof, we mean scientific proof and we can show you the clinical that have been published in peer related journals.  Every product created is based on science, not the latest fads. Every ingredient used is tested for purity, potency, and performance. Long term Shaklee users have markedly better health measures in several different health categories. 

Can I still drink alcohol? :) Yes! This 30 days is not about making eliminations. We want you to commit to 30 days, starting your day, with Shaklee.

We are going to encourage you to make better choices each day but your commitment to the program is what this is about. We are here to have fun and help busy women and moms gather some helpful family health tips in 30 days! 

Click here to order your kit and join today! 

Once your kit is ordered, you will be added to our Facebook group!