Today We Rock for Tomorrow He's Three

Today my son woke up from his nap and was all out of sorts. I asked him if he wanted to rock and he said yes. A slow and peaceful moment together has been a true rarity these days. Some because he's almost three and some because of me. I've been trying to jam pack in as much as I can into every day in anticipation of his baby sister's arrival. He's been loving going to "school" and playing with others more. I've been loving the time a part and the chance to work on my business. These past weeks have been a blessing and a much needed break. But today? Today we rock because tomorrow he's three... 

Yes, today that moment came where I could soak up who my little boy has been, who he is currently trying to be, and what he may be some day. 

Today I found myself, trapped under a sweaty little body, with no phone near by to capture the moment outside of my own head. The moment was meant to be mine.  

Today that boy who seems to grow by the minute, still found a way to snuggle in so close, even around my 36 week pregnant belly, and fit like he did the day he was born. 

Yes, today between the to do lists, the running errands, the laundry, the house cleaning, and the dinner making, there was a whole 30 minutes of silence and snuggles. 

Today I stopped and took the moment to really pray over him. Something I'd like to squeeze in daily but find that it's an under the breath prayer as I dose of to sleep at night instead of something that is alert and earnest. 

Today I could pray for his bravery and strength; for kindness and friendliness; for gentleness and compassion. To be a leader among his friends. To act when things feel right and avoid things when they feel wrong. To be strong enough to stand his ground and know the difference. To bring optimism and joy to others. To encourage those around him. To ask God to help me parent him according to His plan for all of us. To help my boy find his purpose in life and help him act on it sooner rather than later. 

Yes, today I stopped to rock. I didn't care how long we sat there. I didn't care what buzzers were going off or what things weren't going to get done. No. Today presented the chance to rock, because for tomorrow he is three...

My favorite photo from the hospital when my little boy was born. All curled up with me. 

My favorite photo from the hospital when my little boy was born. All curled up with me.