9 Years Ago

It's been 9 years. I read somewhere there will be a day I've lived longer without you than with you. A day that I'll surpass the age you were. A day where I experience parts of life that you didn't. But if there's one lesson I've learned through it all it's that I know you areexperiencing a joy and peace at the feet of Jesus that you knew was there all along. Your faith was silently loud. That our earthly walk, no matter how rough and it will be rough, will be our great test of faith. But that there are so many good promises right there for the taking! That we are promised abundance. We are promised joy. We are promised days without any more sorrow. That when human lives lets us down Jesus is always walking next to us. Comforting us. Refining us. Hoping we reach out and realize our purpose. Cheering us on to play big with this one sacred life we have been given. I know you knew that and my only hope is that my children know that same faith multiplied by the love you left.