Our 'Under the Weather' Remedy

Thankfully our family has been able to stay pretty healthy this winter! I don't think my son has come down with anything and if he does we just start him on his "special applesauce" recipe and it will knock it out in a couple of days. Which is nice because he is in the baby's face all the time! Notice how he says "Ow" when she touches him yet he's the one in her space! I am going to have such a bright future with these two!! 

But when my hubby and I start getting the sniffles, we have started making what I like to call "Wellness Tea". 

It's a blend of Echinacea, elderberry, zinc, vitamin C, and alfalfa.

Elderberry: may aid in reducing the symptoms associated with influenza (flu) and colds
ZincA component of over 70 different enzymes in the human body and is also involved in normal immune function
Echinacea: Used to fight against colds and flu due to its immune stimulatory effects.
Alfalfa helps with congestion and is a natural anti-histamine. So it can help with your allergies too! 

Plus, the hubby now asks me to make him wellness tea when he feels something coming on. Prevention is such a great thing!! 

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