What Can You Do in 100 days?

I am super excited to highlight one of my Revive Group teammates, Jenna Woodstrom. Jenna and I used to work together and have joined forces again! I feel so honored she spent some time talking to me about nutrition when she trained for her first marathon!! She finished in almost an HOUR better than she had prepared for! I was and am still so proud of her. What an accomplishment!! Only 0.5% of the US population ever run a full marathon!! That is an elite group to be a part of! After the race, she was sidelined with an Achilles injury which resulted in surgery. She's had a long road to recovery completely halting her very active lifestyle in Colorado. In January of 2016, she joined our team The Revive Group and today she emailed me her reflection on her first 100 days. I am happy to share her story with you!  

Here's Jenna...

100 days! Back in January, I was inspired by Shaklee to ask myself, 'What is one thing I could accomplish in just 100 days'.  One thing!  I chose nutrition.  

I needed to refocus my health goals as at this time. I was about three weeks post operation from Achilles repair surgery.  I was non weight bearing on my right foot which totally flipped my active lifestyle that I enjoyed upside down!  Also, this was right after the holidays, where I don't hold back from any kind of holiday treat. :)  I just won't do that!   I normally can justify my diet by spending extra time running and at the gym.  That is what feels good for me and has always worked.  I'll be honest I have never had the best diet, but it wasn't the worst either.  It just worked for me.

Well, I definitely was feeling very gross with myself at this time since I was completely immobile (unless you count hopping around and crawling around as activity).  I refuse to step on a scale, so I have no idea what kind of weight gain or inches I added.  But, I was feeling disgusting with myself and my clothes were getting tighter.  So, I knew I needed to refocus on nutrition.  I decided to finally listen to Tracy's recommendation of utilizing Shaklee's protein shakes as a meal replacement, even though I have screamed from the roof tops that I would never use a protein shake as a meal replacement.  Never!  I always just made protein shakes after a workout for recovery or for a snack some days.  I am also part of an Achilles recovery group and so many others in there recommended adding protein shakes into our daily nutrition for a strong recovery and to help cut calories to use it as a meal as well.  There is nothing fast about healing from an Achilles injury, but I knew I didn't want to be laying around longer than I had to be.  And if I wasn't going to be living my active lifestyle that I loved then I needed to find something else that still made me feel good.  So, I finally listened and added the shakes in as an actual meal replacement for breakfast.  I also did my best to swap out bad carbs for the good carbs or cut more out and try to get 6-8 servings of veggies a day.  I decided I would do this for the 100 days.

After 100 days of doing this (and no, my nutrition wasn't perfect everyday, but I did have a shake daily), I can say I feel amazing again!  I still won't step on a scale as I believe if I feel good, then that is all I want in my life!  The scale number as well as counting calories tends to mess with my head too much, so I just don't use them anymore. But, I do know that a little goal of changing one thing for 100 days has changed my mindset and how I feel now!  I really do feel so much better when I add protein shakes in and actually feel more energized and no longer 'gross' with myself.    I also am having a very strong recovery!   My doctor keeps warning me for setbacks as I add more and more activity and I haven't seen any of that.  (And trust me, I push my limits on this). 

I find it ironic that I am writing this in the waiting room as I wait for my last followup doctor appointment from my Achilles surgery!  I still have a long road ahead of me to getting back to where I was physically and mentally.  But, as much as I hate to admit it, this injury is turning into something great as it is setting me up to live my best now!  The cool thing about a 100 day goal is that whatever you choose is probably part of your everyday lifestyle now, so it isn't stopping!  I can't wait to see what mixing proper nutrition with activity is going to turn into as I keep progressing through this recovery! 

Next 100 day live amazing goal:  Work on strength training more than I ever have!

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