It's Reality

Today I am so excited to be featuring the amazing Anna on the blog! Talk about a mom on a mission!! This lady inspires me to do more every day. I have no idea how she gets it all done but she is truly someone who puts her mind to something and DOES it! The sky is the limit!

Here is Anna's update and timeline story!! 

So it's been awhile. Well over a year and life has it should. Life is crazy too, but this past January I decided to change my mindset, embrace our crazy life and get my butt back in shape.

Five years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I was three months pregnant with our first baby and planning a wedding to the man of my dreams. I met Adam just six months prior and was running half marathons back then. It's crazy how five years can just fly by.

My body has created three human beings and has changed tremendously. After our youngest was born I really wanted to get back into shape (knowing we were done having kids), but I just couldn't get into a groove. Well, January 2016 arrived and I realized that five years ago our lives forever changed and I owed it to my family to get back to the healthy and active mom/wife/friend I had been.

Three months later, I am down 20lbs, running five days a week and working on building strength and endurance. I am back in the groove and ready to celebrate the last five years during the Fargo Marathon in May. No, I'm not running a marathon...I'm doing the 10k. But our son Max was born on May 21, 2011 which happens to be the same day as the Fargo Marathon events. It will be my day with our son. ☺️

In addition to taking control of my own health, I am so blessed to be a part of a group of women who lift each other up, share meal ideas and encourage each other along the way. I've participated in Shaklee body resets before and have had success, but this last one we did was amazing! 

I have actually completed 4 full days 100% to the criteria this time. No sneaking anything and there was better than you know what cake in the staff room fridge today!! That was tempting. But I powered through. My mind feels clearer. I remember things that I normally need to write down. I'm conscious of my food choices and to top it off, I'm down almost 5lbs. I had hit a weight loss plateau these past few weeks. No matter what I tried, lbs were not coming off. I knew I needed better diet choices and it took this week to jump start my body. 25lbs down since January 1!!

A friend posted this quote in another group and I loved it. 

It's not pretty's reality.

I used the excuse of not having time to work out forever. Now my life is busier than ever, but I'm finding the time.  As a mom of two, full-time teacher, grad student, wife (whose husband is also in school) and the list can go a 40 mile commute one way...time is not something I have a lot of. 5:30am comes really early around here, but it gives me a solid 10-20 minutes to run before the rush of our day starts. It was a mindset. Mind over matter. It's not pretty, but it's reality. If you want something bad enough, you go get it.