Coming Back

Wow. It's been a journey. When did I start blogging again? 2009? Ha! Have you been around that long? If you have then you remember those posts that I would conjure up in my head while I was running to help occupy my mind as I took up that new hobby. Thankfully eight years later I'm still running. God is good in so many ways. Health is definitely one of them.

This blog has been sitting here for awhile now. Just hanging out in cyberspace waiting to be dusted off and renewed. Truthfully, I didn't know if it was going to happen. If Mom Revived was going to be, ahem, revived. I dabbled in some writing after my daughter was born in 2015 but I felt like I wasn't sure which direction to go anymore. Blogging about my days at home with one child was entertainment for that time frame but with two it felt impossible to keep up. And was I really going to hash out those same parenting dramas I did with my oldest? Again, blogging was a great release for that time period in my life. One that I am thankful I got to experience and even more thankful for the "on this day" feature on Facebook. Best. Baby book. Ever. How lucky are we to live in an age where we can capture those little faces and voices at any moment for it to be saved for eternity? God for the win again. Category technology.

Speaking of God, did you know through all this blogging, through all this parenting, through all this technology, through all this.... life, He was up to something BIG? Did you know that? I really didn't. I thought He was there for comfort. He was there for peace. He was there to troubleshoot and solve problems. He was there when the times got tough. But friends, He has BIG plans! Mind blowing plans. Plans way beyond dusting off this blog. Plans beyond me. Plans for tomorrow and years to come. Plans that are a tad scary but that good kind of scary that makes your heart giddy. So with a bit of an anxious heart because the future is unknown to me but known to a very awesome God, I am excited to come back to this blog for the time being. I'm sure there will be changes again in the future but for now, we have some things to discuss. 

Talk to you soon.