Can You Say No?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. The ability to say no. Not just saying no to create space in our lives but to actually reply and say no to someone who is waiting for an answer from you. To say no to events, say no to commitments, say no to stuff, say no to things that don't feel right or fit into our lives, say no to excess. Have we lost the ability to say no? Do we hide behind unread messages and emails hoping that if we don't respond, the person will just get the idea that we mean no? When did the art of the RSVP die? RSVP literally means, "please respond". I take that as in replying yes OR no. Maybe doesn't count either!

Or is our inability to say no a deeper rooted generational issue? Does the fear of missing out not only run our lives but is it beginning to seep into our children's lives? Even our very young children's lives? Are we setting an example for the next generation that they need to keep on saying YES to being busy? Things that don't fit, don't feel right, or overcrowd our space?


So I am curious...

If your gut says no, do you follow through?

Do you take time to reply to someone even if it is a no?

Do you say no to create space on your calendar or in your home?