Worth On Earth

We recently celebrated Father's Day and I received a message from a friend showing me the lovely cake that she crafted for her husband to celebrate the day. It was awesome and I don't have a fraction of the talent in baking even if she used a boxed mix. The image was accompanied with something like this and I'm paraphrasing: "Not sure why I go through all this trouble. No one ever notices what I do around here." My heart ached for my friend. I have been there. Boy, have I been there. I'd be lying if there still weren't days that I'm there. When the actions feel like they go unnoticed. When you give and give and get nothing in return not even a thank you. When you are simply wore out but someone needs something so you keep on going. 

No one even notices. 

Friend, do you know how wrong we are to feel like no one notices? 


We think our lives are to be measured by and earthly worth and recognition. We think that our job is to merely serve the people in our lives. We think that we need people to notice, to verbalize and acknowledge all of the blood, sweat, and tears we have poured into a project or service. But boy, are we wrong and here's why. 

My victory and honor come from God alone - Psalm 62:7 (NLT)

You are noticed. You have victory. You have honor. You have success. You have recognition. You have it all, every day, right when you need it. We fall victim of thinking we need to see our value in our earthly worth. That acknowledgement that you seek comes from the Lord. Humans are not perfect beings. We will fail and miss the mark. We will left words unsaid even if we have the greatest intentions in our hearts. We won't give enough thanks or appreciation when the time is right. That's just how is is. I encourage you, when you are feeling like no one notices, to remember that you most certainly are valued and loved in the eyes of our Lord! 

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people - Colossians 3:23 (NLT)

What if we flip our mentality about who we are truly serving? What if we get into a daily practice of reminding ourselves that our monotonous tasks are calls from the Lord? What if when we are emotionally wore out, we intentionally pause and remember that all this work is not unnoticed? 

So I am curious...

Do you feel your actions go unnoticed?

Do you think of your heavenly worth?