Lead with Love

The reflection continues as I look through photos from the elite leadership retreat in Palm Springs that I got to go to this past weekend. There were only around 200 business leaders who earned this retreat in the whole company. It took focus and it took a plan to achieve it. The retreat was rolled out during our global conference last August in Cleveland. I wasn't able to attend due to my pregnancy but my mentors, Shawn and Carmen, made me feel like I was there and even sent a little care package from the retreat. In that package, they left a note on a very specific card. 

Make a plan to get on the Chairman's Retreat.

I really took it to heart. I didn't dream about the retreat. I didn't wish I'd make it. I sat down, did the math, and made a plan to earn the trip. What I didn't realize is how they were leading with love, how they have been leading with love, and how this people business is all about love. Yes, you need goals, dreams, strategy, and know your numbers but most of all, you need support and love. 

The people who earned this trip knew their goals, dreams, strategies and numbers. But I think most of us walked away realizing we need a lot more love in this world. More love in our organizations. Just more love all around. 

Below are just a few of the people from the weekend who I got to spend some quality time with. People who poured love into me. People who in all reality, barely KNOW me, but see something in me and are determined to love me until I see it in myself.  To be a part of such a loving organization... there are no words. 

I left this retreat knowing I need to love more. With my family, in my home, with my team, in my organization, with those I have contact with every day. So if your deep seeded desire is to help others, then there is a good chance that Shaklee can be the vehicle you use to deliver that love to others. Everyone wants to feel better. Everyone wants to live with more financial flexibility. Everyone wants to live not only long lives, but healthy lives. Quality of life, for as long as you are granted, is truly what Shaklee can give to you.