Can't Resist? Don't Buy It!

I stay home with my toddler son. I am in my house what feels like 150% of my time. Ok, that's obviously exaggerated but we stay home most days. Over time, I have come to realize that BOTH my toddler son and I have the same snacking habits. We like to snack all the time. As soon as he learned to open the pantry door and scope things out, he has been in there constantly searching for a snack. We both have little self control. We both like ANY type of treat, sweet or salty. So what do we do?

Here are my tricks to keeping unhealthy snacking to a minimum!

First and foremost, DON'T BUY JUNK. If you buy junk, you eat junk. If you buy things that are good for you, chances are you will eat those things that are good for you. Find healthier alternatives for mainstream snacks. Does your kid like fruit snacks? Try some dried fruit.  Do you enjoy chocolate? How about trail mix with a few chocolate candies in them?

When you feel yourself being pulled towards the kitchen for a snack, distract yourself with a glass of water. Like stated in yesterday's post, sometimes hunger actually means that your body is dehydrated. If you feel like a snack, chug some water, walk away and reevaluate your mood in ten minutes.

Move! Again, if you find yourself being called into the kitchen, try distracting yourself with some jumping jacks, pushups, or any kind of movement. It might be enough to make your body resist the temptation of snacking and will burn calories in the process!

Exercise some willpower! A few months ago, I really wanted to kick my soda habit once and for all so I refused to buy it. My husband, who has amazing self control, would comment that there was never a soda in the house. He likes to enjoy one on the weekends. I told him, that I just couldn't have it around because I'd have one every day. He told me, get some self control. Point taken. Some days are hard. I find myself in the refrigerator looking at the can or even have one in my hand but I put it down and drink some water. Some days I slip and enjoy it. But I have been able to pride myself (and brag to my husband) that I haven't touched his soda in a month.

Being tough. I know children are opinionated and throw fits. I know they wear you down so you give in. But if you want REAL change to happen for your entire family, you have to be strong and only provide snacks that are in line with your goals. You are the parent. You are setting the example for how your child's future eating habits will mature. Don't set them up for a lifetime of battles. Teach them control. Teach them moderation. Teach them nutrition.

What are your tips for resisting those bad treats? We'd love to hear from you! Comment below or join us on Facebook to follow the conversation!

Have a great day!