Boost Your Immune System

As I write this, my son is dripping boogers all over his toys. Yuck. Hence the idea to write this as part of the #write31days tips! Even though we have a fairly healthy household, those darn colds sneak up on us every now and then. And of course, once one of us gets it, chances are it will make the rounds.

Most of us are susceptible to illness because our bodies are worn out. We are tired. We aren't eating nutritious foods. We aren't supplementing wisely. We are constantly in battle mode. We literally don't stand a fighting chance when cold/flu season arrives. 

Here are some simple ways you can boost your immune system. Yes, it's really that simple. 

1. Get some sleep! I know, I know. If getting more sleep was really that easy, you'd already be doing it, right? But you HAVE to find a way to get a few more ZZZs into your routine to help your body recover each day. Shut off that TV show at night. Put down the housework. Leave the dishes. When you feel a cold coming on, get to bed. 

2. Stay hydrated! Water is your best friend. Lemon water is even better because it adds vitamin C. Stay away from sports drinks with artificial colors. Avoid soda. Limit coffee and try tea instead. 

3. Wash your hands! As soon as your family gets in the house for the day, everyone should immediately wash their hands with warm, soapy water. You don't need to get all anti-bac crazy. Warm, soapy water several times a day is sufficient in ridding your hands of germs.  I know that seems counterproductive but you just don't need all those anti-bac chemicals

4. Eat more nutritious foods. Your body's immune system is weakened if it doesn't have the nutrients it needs to function. Think about what you are eating and ask yourself, "What kind of nutrients does this have?" 

5. Supplement wisely. I know there is controversy about whether supplements are needed. However, if you are not eating nutritious food, or very little of it, your body is deficient in key nutrients that it needs every day. Make sure your supplements are free of artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, and fillers. 

What are some things you do to make sure your family stays health?