Having a Game Plan

I don't know about you but for me fall brings weekends filled with friends, football, and of course food. It's one of those seasons of life that happens. Every year. There is no way I am NOT going to enjoy myself during these events. Time like this with family and friends is too precious to me. 

These weekends also bring lots of food and beverages. Things that feel like they throw a week's worth off effort out the window. Unless, you have a plan. 

Here are my quick tips to enjoy a weekend without the guilt! 

1. Start your morning right. For me that includes hydrating, having a smoothie, and supplementing like always. I make sure to pack a water bottle for the day and typically buy a water at the game as well. If you have time, get that workout in before the day starts too. 

2. Set a mental limit. On game day Saturdays, we are with friends and family tailgating for several hours. This can turn into mindless drinking and eating if I haven't thought about my limits ahead of time. Just thinking about it before it happens makes me more aware of my actions. 

3. Get rid of the guilt. You know this weekend is happening. You know you want to partake. Don't beat yourself up about it. You are making a conscious decision to indulge or have a few treats. If you truly don't want to deal with the guilt, you either need to accept your actions or stay true to your goals. There's no sense in indulging AND feeling guilty about it. If it happens, it happens. Let it go. Restart tomorrow. 

What are some things you do to enjoy yourself but stay true to your goals?

Have a great day!