The Vegetable Battle

I don't think I'm alone when I say that I struggle to get vegetables into our diets. Not just my son, but myself and my husband are not the best when it comes to intentionally reaching for something green. When I make dinner at night, I normally have to force myself to make a vegetable if the dish doesn't call for some. It's not like preparing vegetables is hard and once they are prepared we always eat them. But, sigh. I just forget them. Besides, most of the time my son won't touch them so what am I going to do?

How do I go to combat for The Vegetable Battle?

1. I keep offering the vegetables. The one mistake I felt I made when it came to my child's eating habits is that I gave up too quickly when he didn't like something. Mostly, because I was desperate to get him fed so I just fed him what I knew what would be consumed. However, once all his chompers have entered the scene, I continue to offer him raw vegetables to munch on. One by one, he started eating them. Not a lot but if he eats a whole baby carrot or a few bites of broccoli, that's good enough for me!

2. Let him dip. I tried to resist my toddler's desire to dip his vegetables as long as I could however I noticed he consumed more of them if I allowed him to dip them in something. To make it healthier, I give him hummus to use for dip versus a dressing. We all win that way. 

3. I hide them. Yes, I know this can cause trust issues but between the smoothies with spinach or the grated carrot in the hamburger, we all get some vegetables if we put them in another dish. 

What are some ways you make sure your family gets vegetables in their meals?