How Often Do You Praise Others?

One thing I noticed at my former corporate job was how hard it was for people to praise each other. To genuinely try to be happy for another co-worker. There were moments it seemed impossible! Feelings of "I deserved that award more" tend to overtake our ability to go up to another human and say, "Hey, great job." Of course you are always going to think you deserved the award but that doesn't mean you can't graciously tell those around you congratulations. 

The concept of praise extends far beyond the workplace. How often do you praise your spouse for helping out? How often do you praise your kids for accomplishing something great? Or is it overshadowed by constant demands and expectations that things aren't good enough. Of course, like many things, praise can be over done. So like everything we talk about, find a happy medium!

Lifting others up is a great way to boost your own spirits. It feels good to make someone else feel loved and appreciated. Here are five ways you can start praising others today! 

1. Congratulate a co-worker on a promotion or an award.
2. Thank your spouse for (insert household chore).
3. Send a card to someone telling them why they are important to you. 
4. Tell your child you love it when they help with (insert something they help with). 
5. Do something charitable. 

What are some ways you praise others?