Try An Accountability Partner

I was never much for workout buddies. The time it took to coordinate getting together, picking a place to work out, picking a routine--that all just seemed like a waste of time to me. However, there are ways you can have an accountability partner without working out with them. I know. That seems like a big "No Duh!" but it wasn't until I was training for a half marathon last spring until I finally realized having someone more involved in my exercise life did help push me and keep me on track. 

My accountability buddy and I after the half marathon.  

Here are some ways having an accountability partner worked for me.

1. We swapped child care. She would watch my son and I'd go workout. Then I'd watch her daughter and she'd workout. It made me cognizant of my time because I needed to get the workout done. I didn't want to take up too much of her time. 

2. I didn't want to be the one slacking.  If I skipped a workout, she'd know because I wouldn't need childcare that day. I didn't want to be that person holding up the plan! Now that we are beyond marathon training, she's still someone I can check in with and I know she will keep me on track.

3. Follow up with each other. It can be as simple as "I worked out today. Did you?" Again, when I get a message like that, I don't want to reply "No."

4. Be supportive. Even the most dedicated sometimes get off track. Encourage each other to find something new to try or get in a new routine. As, I wrote this she texted me and was going out for a workout. I told her I would start again Sunday (after a week off). She said some people take years off. It's part of the journey. What a gem!

What are some ways you keep yourself accountable for your workouts?