Dining Out? It Doesn't Have to be Scary!

So you have been doing great on your healthy eating or you have been getting in your exercise goals and then BAM!! You get invited out to eat and a panic goes across you thinking this will throw everything off track and you can't possibly make a healthy choice at a restaurant. You're in luck! Just because you are eating out doesn't mean you can't find the best option on the menu. Remember: everything in moderation! Its OK to treat yourself and enjoy a night out with people you love.  One evening out won't be the end of the world. Just start the next day fresh and back to your plan! 

Here are some ways you can make better choices before you dine out!

1. View the menu online. Most places now have menus and nutrition facts on a website. Take some time to review what the best options are before you leave. You will feel more prepared!

2. Skip the soda or alcohol. Opt for water, preferably with lemon. Having lemon in your diet can help with indigestion, constipation, it is great for your skin and nails, aids in weight loss, helps prevent obesity and can lower blood pressure!! What an amazing natural fruit that is so easily accessible to all of us and it can provide so many benefits for our bodies. Try to drink that glass of water by the time your food comes and that will help with feeling full. That way your glass will be refilled with you food and you are helping yourself get the daily water intake your body needs!

3. Ask for salad dressing on the side. It is amazing how less dressing you use when you dip your food into it rather than dump the entire container over your salad. Dressings are what make salads higher in calories so be sure to try a vinaigrette option if there is one!

4. Avoid the bread. Try to skip the bread on the table that comes before a meal. It will fill you up with unnecessary carbs and you won't enjoy your meal. 

5. The more veggies the better! A healthy dish would consist of mostly vegetables. After that aim for lean proteins, fruits, and a healthy carb. Healthy carbs contain fiber and can be found in whole grains, veggies, beans, and fruit. 

6. Navigate dessert wisely. If you can't resist the urge to skip dessert completely, ask around the table if someone wants to share. 

7. Watch your portions. The majority of places serve dishes that are over a full serving. Notice when you are full. Ask for a to go container. You don't HAVE to eat the whole plate!

What are some of your tips that help you make good choices when you dine out? We'd love to hear from you!