Why My Daughter's Allergies Are a Blessing

Please don't be fooled by the title. Would I rather my oldest daughter did NOT have the food and seasonal allergies that she was born with? Of course. But I have learned a lot from these allergies and have worked hard to improve our lives because of them. If it weren't for her dairy and peanut allergies, my husband and I would have never started looking at labels to learn what was actually in the food we were consuming. 

When I was pregnant with her, I had the mentality that it was my time to eat whatever I wanted and deal with the weight loss later. This was a BAD idea for so many reasons. Not only did I gain more weight than I wanted (50+ pounds) but I was very unhealthy which is not what you want when you are growing a little human! I still can't help but wonder if my eating habits during my pregnancy might have somehow contributed to her allergies and asthma. That thought seriously depresses me.

After having to spend so much time reading labels and learning about food, I became more conscious of what I was putting into my body and what I was feeding my family. With my second pregnancy, I was a lot better about eating food that was good for me and my child instead of just filling myself up! It still might be too early to tell if my second daughter (5 months) has any food allergies, she is showing no signs so far and for that I am very grateful. While I am still a work in progress (I do love me some Mt Dew and dessert every now and then) I know I am headed on a path to a much healthier life and I am so happy to be bringing my family along for the ride!

All of this said, I wanted to share a little friendly "food for thought". Please DO NOT give food to other children unless you are completely aware of their eating habits OR have asked their parents for permission. You never know if that child has a food allergy of some sort. It would be a horrible feeling to be responsible for them getting sick or even worse--them to stop breathing. If you're not comfortable using an EpiPen on a child or even know what that is (giving them an urgent shot in the leg of allergy medication), please refrain from giving them food. 

Do you have a food allergy story to share?