Decide. Commit. Succeed.

How many of you have said this to yourself, "I'll start again Monday?"

How many of you wait until the first of the month or New Year's to make that change?

How many of you have failed?

I'm guessing we all just answered "Me!" to all of the above questions.

There comes a point with your health when enough is enough. You have no other options left but to make a change. It's make a change or be miserable. It's make a change or feel awful. It's make a change or end up on medications to treat the symptoms. Enough is enough.

But what happens when you have started the path towards better health and then life happens? You know what I mean. Life happens. Work stresses you out. Your family irritates you. The house is a mess. You're tired. You have a party to attend. Summer fun. Weekends. Tailgating. Holiday parties. Winter funk. Graduation parties. Guess what? Those things happen every day. Every year. They are seasons of life. You can't avoid that. You can't wait until summer is over to start your journey because guess what? Summer is coming again next year. You can't wait until the holidays are over to make a change because they come every year too.  Life just happens.

If you are ready to make a change it really only takes three simple steps.

Decide. You have to make the decision that you want to change. You have to be completely fed up with your current state. You need to look in the mirror and make a decision.

Commit. You need to be committed. If you have no commitment then you are just back at the decision phase. As a wellness coach, I often ask people how committed they are because it's a great indicator as to how successful they are going to be. If you answer "I'm committed but..." then you aren't really committed. Remember, you've already made the decision that you are going to get healthier. Now you have to commit to that decision every day. Sometimes you have to commit to that decision multiple times a day. Because remember, life happens.

Succeed. If you have decided you are going to take action and you have committed to the steps needed to put that action into play, you will succeed. That's a bold guarantee, huh? You WILL succeed. It will take more than a day. It will take more than a month. It might take a very long time to get to your goal. THAT'S OK! Patient persistence and going back to your decision to change and your commitment to take action will get you to success.

Most people don't get to this step because they simply aren't patient enough. They aren't seeing instant results so they give up. They aren't seeing the change immediately so they bail on the plan. They think the work is too hard so they throw in the towel. They let those seasons of life rule their plans. But those people who take these simple steps to heart, acknowledging that it might take some time to get to their goal, find success in some shape or form. It really can be that simple.

What are some things you have done for your health journey to Decide-Commit-Succeed? We'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!