Don't Let One Bad Decision Ruin Your Plan

You have decided that you are going to take the steps to lose weight, get healthier, and be better: once and for all!

You are cruising through your new found plan and you are rocking it! 

Then life happens.

Work stresses you out. Your family irritates you. The house is a mess. You're tired. You have a party to attend. Summer fun. Weekends. Tailgating. Holiday parties. Winter funk. Graduation parties. Remember that list? These are the things that happen every year. Every month. Every day. 

So what do you do? Do you head for chocolate, chips, soda, a beer? Do you overindulge? 

If you answer no, that's awesome! That means you are on your way to better health. You have found healthier alternatives to dealing with those situations. You are on your way! Keep rockin' it! 

But what happens if you answered YES! Give me the chocolate! Give me the chips! Gimme gimme gimme! Ah, the stress! I can't take it! I must indulge! Oh no! Now I feel guilty... I'm doomed!

I'm here to tell you that it's ok. This is where you stop, take a breath, and don't let that one bad decision ruin your plan. 

No one is perfect. Life happens. Indulgences and cheats will occur. Stress boils up and leads our brains to the easier and unhealthier choice. 


It's how you bounce back from those situations that makes you successful.

Did you have a bad meal today? That's ok, just make sure the next one is better.

Did you have bad meals/drinks ALL day? That's ok, just make sure tomorrow is better.

Did you start snacking on chips and pretty soon the whole bag was gone? That's ok, don't dwell on it. It happened. What are you going to do next to make it better?

This mentality isn't easy but you HAVE to make these changes to be successful. You have to get over the guilt of a bad meal or the cycle won't stop. Remember, once you have decided and committed to living a healthier life, you have to find ways to stay on track, despite any derailments that come your way. 

This actually happened to me this weekend. Saturday was game day and we had our weekly football party. I indulged. Too much. To the point I felt sick that night. I woke up sluggish, crabby, and mad at myself for taking it too far. But I didn't stay there. I drank my water, I got a workout in, I ate only veggies for lunch, I made it a better day. And guess what? Those choices made me feel so much better and will motivate me to continue to make better choices this week. 

How do you bounce back?

Have a great day!