Moms: Ways To Get a Workout Done

Hey everyone! Elise here from Happy Medium Health, contributing to the #write31days challenge! Today, I'm hoping to help those moms who feel it is almost impossible to fit in that 30 to 40 minute a day to work out.  After these pointers, I want to take that pressure and stress off your shoulders when you feel like "How can I possibly fit one more thing in my day?!"

As we get older, it's really important that we do a certain amount of physical exercise just to maintain our bodies.  Here's the good news: if you set a goal of 30 minutes a day to devote to working out, that doesn't mean you have to do it for 30 min at a time! You can spread your workouts through out the day and do five minutes here and there to add up to your 30. It will make it feel like a breeze!


Here are some examples of how busy moms can get some workout moves in throughout the day!

  • Do squats or calf raises while you're cooking
  • Try lunging in and out of the kitchen (you know how often you are in and out of there)
  • Take your kids for a walk
  • Do some pushups while you are on the floor with your kids. Have them count along with you!
  • Pair jumping jacks with singing the ABCs

Most importantly, find a way to get your kids involved in physical activity. Teach them that it is so good for them to take care of themselves with good nutrition included.  What you eat is such a big factor in the scheme of things: from determining health, your life longevity, to your body size. Combining the physical activity and nutrition means you are giving your body what it needs, deserves, the best chance to live a long and healthy life. 

Hope this helps you on your journey! What are some ways you get a workout in your busy schedule?