Why I Joined Shaklee: Elise's Story

Hi everyone!  Elise here with Happy Medium Health and I just wanted to share why I choose Shaklee and why I want to share their amazing products, and the opportunities Shaklee has to offer. 



Being a mother, it's really important for me to give my kids the healthiest, most non-toxic living space as I can.  This is one of many reasons why I love Shaklee's products so much.  It's so important to me to teach my children the importance of taking care of their health and the best ways to achieve that.  We naturally want whats best for our kids. 



CLEANING: I wanted the safest environment for my family.  I love Shaklee for making cleaning easy fun and safe. The cubbie makes everything so organized your cleaning cabinet will never look the same, you will love it!  My oldest daughter has a trach so I've always been so paranoid about chemicals getting into her lungs.  I can actually clean in the same space with my kids in it.  Shaklee gives me peace of mind that our kids won't have to be near hazardous cleaning products.  To be honest with you I'm not someone who jumps for joy when it comes to the deep cleaning!  I've had a hard time finding good products that do the job and don't pose a hazard to my kids and husband.  I also love the fact that you use so little of the cleaning concentrate in Basic H for example that means not only are you using a small amount and its going a long long ways, but you save so much money by doing that.  


MY ALLERGIES:  I am someone who suffers from year round allergies and was on a heavy regimen of meds to try to keep my allergies at bay.  My team leader, Tracy, mentioned how she also had allergies and she started taking Shaklee's Alfalfa Complex and she was even taking less than the recommended dose and she noticed a drastic change in her allergies.  I was eager to try this after hearing from someone I know and how it had helped them so much I ordered it right away.  After feeling discouraged that the medicine that the doctor has prescribed is no longer working (yes, I've tried many options,) I'm so excited and relieved to say that after taking the Alfalfa daily my allergies are just about non-existent!  They actually haven't been bugging me at all which is so not normal for me!


SKIN:  I have the most sensitive skin.  I was beginning to feel like all products were going to cause some sort of reaction on my skin, OR the ones that didn't irritate my skin and were supposedly all natural and good for your skin smelled absolutely horrible.  I would try a "top of the line" product that promised to help change, maintain or prevent aging and wrinkles and it was hard for me to sit there and smell the lotion on my face! Well who would want to smell like that? You want to smell good!  The Shaklee Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care Kit has products for your face that make my skin feel so soft, I have never had any reactions to it, and the smell is great!  I'm so happy I finally found skincare products that are safe and good for your skin!  

MENTAL FOCUS, ALERTNESS, AND MY ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE: This has seemed to really come in hand lately with balancing family life and my going back to school life. Trying to squeeze in any study sessions when I can and having to take in a large amount of information in a short amount of time has seemed to be going smoother than I ever had anticipated.  I believe this is greatly due part to taking my MindWorks everyday, along with my Shaklee Vitalizer that really got my body into check.  

I love that Shaklee gives me and others an opportunity to share tools and promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle for yourself and for your family.  Shaklee gives you room to grow. and lots of opportunities!

I look forward to sharing my Shaklee journey with others and inspire people to be motivated to make that one step towards a better life.  I would love to help others start their own Shaklee journeys.  

I feel very honored to be a part of such a wonderful team at Happy Medium Health and cannot wait to share nutrition, fitness, and life and wellness tips with you all!

Thanks again and I look forward to helping anyway I can!

Elise Nelson

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