90 Days to a Healthier You

Feel like you have a pretty good handle on your health but know your base nutrition is lacking? This could be the right program for you. You aren't looking to lose weight but rather make changes to improve your overall health. The Foundations Regimen from Shaklee provides you with Vitalizer supplements for every day use and also a canister of Vitalizing Protein to be used as much as you'd like within a month. Some people order a second canister and enjoy a smoothee every day and some people just stick to the one canister that it comes with and have a smoothee as a meal or a snack as their time allows. 

Three of our Happy Medium Health coaches (Sheena, Sarah, and Anna) all use a foundations regimen to help bring a better base health to their daily life. As busy working moms, they are all looking for great options to start their days in a way that will give them the energy they need. No more feeling sluggish or worn out. 

Let's first talk about why it is important to supplement. If you are not eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables then you are a missing key nutrients in your day. While it is recommended that you strive to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, at times you may come up short. That's why Vitalizer is there to give you the quality nutrients that your body needs to perform at its optimal ability. Here's a quick video on why we should supplement.

In addition to proper supplementation, protein is an essential building block that is often missing from our diets. Shaklee doesn't put a product on the market with out extensive research to ensure that all products are safe. Not only safe but also proven effective. With the Foundations Regimen you are adding Vitalizing Protein to your diet as a meal or snack as well. Here you can watch a little science behind the product. 

With this 90 Day group option you will be able to join your own support community on Facebook that will share recipes and daily living tips. You may not be looking to overhaul your entire life, but you want to try something new. It is recommended that you give this a faithful attempt for 90 days. The Happy Medium Health coaches will be there to support you along your journey. 

More questions? Contact us to get more information or talk to the Happy Medium Health coach who shared this information with you! It is time to make 2015 YOUR year!