About Holli

Happy Friday everyone! My name is Holli - wife to Andy, mother to Claire (3 years old) and Henry (16 months old). I work for Marsh & McLennan Agency in Minneapolis, MN as a Client Service Representative on the Management Liability Group.

My health journey has been rocky, with lots of twists and turns. Too much of my life has been spent being concerned about my weight and mistaking that for being concerned about my health. I tried pills, I tried low carb... I tried so many things.  But nothing ever stuck - I wasn't concerned about the right thing!

My daughter Claire was born in 2011. Of course, I wanted to fit back into my jeans again. I wanted to be a "hot mama." But, for the first time, I wanted to be HEALTHY more than I wanted to be thin. I felt my daughter's young eyes watching me, and I wanted her to see me making HEALTHY decisions, not just stepping on the scale and seeing a certain number.

My son Henry was born in 2013. Within a couple of months, I knew I had to get running. I had run a few 5Ks before Claire was born, but that was three years ago! Not only did I miss my feet on the pavement, but I missed having a few minutes here and there to myself! So, I ran. Slowly, I worked back up to comfortably running 20-30 minutes w/o stopping.

Fast forward to June 21, 2014 - I ran the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth, MN. One of THE MOST AMAZING FEELINGS I've had. Ever. More about that to come. :)

My family after I ran the half marathon! I swear my kids are much happier than they appear in pictures!

While I have finally reached a point of WANTING to work out and run, I still struggle every single day w/ making the right food decisions. This is where Shaklee, Happy Medium Health, and the wonderful mind of Tracy Fixen come in!

Shaklee Vitalizer has been a part of my life for several months and I cannot go back to any other vitamin. Vitalizer has helped w/ my energy levels, my foggy "Mom brain" and my overall feeling of health. Basic H has also changed the way that I clean - the kids can be nearby when I'm cleaning (and let's be real - the kids always want to be nearby!) Shaklee is effective, safe, and it just makes sense! Not only that, it's simple - which is crucial for a busy mom like me who would rather spend all day in making the mess in the kitchen than even 10 minutes cleaning it up. I'm replacing all of my "other" cleaning products w/ Shaklee products and am so totally excited!

I decided to join Shaklee as a partner after hearing, in a four-five week timeframe in multiple areas of my life, some version of "our lives change when our habits change." I am far from perfect and am constantly travelling on my journey to leading a healthier life. Shaklee is helping me along that path. It's helping me be a leader and role model in my family, and also to those around me - who wouldn't want to have that positively awesome effect on others?! I'm in the middle of my "success story" and Shaklee is helping me write the ending.

Happy Medium Health is a community of people who are doing just that - people striving to find a balance and "Happy Medium" in their health. We are striving to make healthy decisions: getting physically active and learning to feed our families real, wholesome foods that are not full of chemicals. We are taking the time to prep the healthy snacks for ourselves even though grabbing a box of processed crackers or fruit snacks would just be so much easier. We are fitting a work out in during your lunch break because you plan to enjoy a beer on a patio for happy hour later that day. We are having a piece of birthday cake with ice cream because dang it - it's your birthday and you shouldn't have to apologize! These are real-life choices that we are making every single day - we are not trying to be perfect, we are just trying to be better than we were yesterday. I am so excited for the opportunity to contribute to the blog too - subjects including getting our kiddos involved in the kitchen and busy mom exercise!

Tracy Fixen, founder of Happy Medium Health and Shaklee business coach, is so passionate that it's basically a no-brainer to team up with her. Watch a couple of her videos, read a blog post or two, and just flat-out stalk her Facebook profile and soon you'll be thinking as I do - "I WANT WHAT SHE'S HAVING!" Her determination is contagious - I want to inspire people like that.

I am not a sales person and I am not really thinking of my business goals in the way of dollars or bonuses or trips. (Although they WILL be awesome WHEN they happen!) My goal is to lead a healthier life, and inspire others to do the same. I want to encourage and motivate others. I want to help my family and others live as wholesomely as possible. I truly believe that Shaklee is the key to success. Soon, I predict people around me are going to be exclaiming, "I WANT WHAT HOLLI'S HAVING!"

I invite you to head over to my Shaklee site and check it out!