Where It All Started...In the Kitchen

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house. I LOVE it. I've often said that my perfect day would be spent in the kitchen - cook, clean up, cook, clean up. Wait, scratch that - the PERFECT day would be me cooking and then taking a nap while someone else cleaned up, and then resuming the cooking. And repeat. Ahhhh, I smile just thinking of it (even if I do have to clean up my own mess.)
And when I became a mother just over three years ago, I knew that my love of the kitchen would not change, but my uninterrupted time in the kitchen would. Most definitely. So, Claire would be in the kitchen in her bouncy seat as a teeny tiny baby. Then the bumbo. Then the bouncer / exersaucer. Then scooting between the Tupperware cabinet and the lids drawer. We loved being the in the kitchen together. Well, I loved it, and she wanted to be in the same room as the Tupperware cabinet and lids drawer.
Well, it soon became apparent that she did not want things happening w/out her. Way up high on the cupboard, she just knew that I was doing all kinds of fun things w/out her. So, she tugged at my pant leg. She grunted and strained her arms up to me. She whined. She was making it very clear - "Mom, if you want to continue enjoying your kitchen time than you better figure out a way for me to enjoy it with you!"
So, I brought her up on the counter.

Yes this was safe! I am always next to her. Please know your child's limits and abilities to do this.

On Saturday mornings, she & I would always be up before Andy (who is conveniently awakened when there is something to sample). Saturday morning breakfasts quickly became our thing. "What kind of pancakes should we have today?" "Oh, we haven't tried this recipe yet!" "Waffles?! Yes, please!" 

Such concentration!

Fast forward a few years, and now Andy has competition for Taste Tester. Henry loves the kitchen as much as Claire - but he'd rather be at the table with his plate than at the counter with the bowl of ingredients.

My little Taste Tester!

Most Saturday mornings, you'll find us here, in the kitchen. We make messes. Especially messy messes, but, I don't remember those. I remember Claire's face as she's cracking the egg or dumping the flour. We're not just making a mess - we're making a memory.

Do embrace having your littles in the kitchen with you or are you quick to distract them? What tips can you share with us on how you  manage your little ones under your feet?


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