About Emily

Hi!! My name is Emily Norton and I am a mother to one beautiful little girl, Abigail and a wife to one hunk of a man, Bob. No, he didn't make me say that! I am a Special Education Teacher and Work Coordinator, currently working with 18-21 year old students in White Bear Lake, Minnesota at a Transition Program.

Meet the Norton family

First, let's talk about my health goals! I strive to always make whatever I am eating more nutritious. I strive to always increase my physical activity by challenging myself to move more each day. My goal is to be a good example for my children and husband and be healthy enough to enjoy every minute with them! Chasing around Abby, makes my life better. Nourishing my and my family's bodies with healthy foods, makes my life better. I want to be happy, I want to have fun, and I want to be healthy!  I want my family to be happy, I want my family to have fun, I want my family to be healthy, period.  

So you might be thinking, how does Shaklee come into play? Well, being healthy is not something that happens over night and affects so many areas of our life!  This is where Shaklee enters my life!  Shaklee is green, safe and effective.  I want to be a part of a company where it is their passion to make the world better and stands by their products and their people.  Shaklee products are effective and you don't have to question what the products are made of because of the extensive research and science that goes into them! It's a win-win!  I don't have to wait until my daughter is napping to spray some cleaner....it is safe for her to be around!  

I joined Shaklee because I want to bring healthy, safe and effective products to everyone I care about.   Being healthy makes me happy and I want others to feel the happiness that good health can bring too.  I also want to challenge myself! I want to learn what it means to build a business that you believe in. I want to experience what amazing opportunities Shaklee can bring to our lives!

I decided that partnering with Shaklee through Happy Medium Health and Tracy Fixen was the perfect fit for me because Tracy is an AMAZING coach!  I don't use that term loosely. Let's be honest, anyone who would put up with text after text, email after email, phone call after phone call of Shaklee questions, followed by a loooooong wait period before more texts, more emails, more phone calls with more questions, must be a great coach!  She wants you to feel comfortable but at the same time challenging and empowering you to do what is best for yourself, your family and your life!  She is so positive and encouraging...who wouldn't want to surround themselves with such greatness!?  Tracy knows that life is NOT about perfection but making your life better.  That's what is great about the concept of Happy Medium Health. We are going to bring health to others using the power of Shaklee, group support, and one on one coaching. But, we are going to be realistic with our goals and not let guilt of making the rare unhealthy choice drag us down!

I am also very excited to be contributing to the Happy Medium Health blog and sharing my family recipes. As I stated earlier, I am always trying to make our every day meals more nutritious! It's not uncommon for me to grate some carrots into our hamburger! That's just one of the many tips I will be sharing with you in future posts. I want to be able to coach you that health cooking does NOT have to be scary!

Thanks for checking out my story! I am so excited to be a part of Happy Medium Health and Shaklee. If you are located in the Northeast suburbs of Minneapolis/St Paul, I would love to get to know you and discuss the amazing opportunities Shaklee has to offer. You can check out my Shaklee store by clicking here.