Get Hydrated!

Today marks day one of 31 days that we are dedicating towards sharing health and wellness tips! Brace yourself, October. We are coming for you! Some posts will be short. Some will be long. It will depend on the subject but the plan is to cover eating tips, movement ideas, and just thoughts on how to bring peace, health, and happiness to yourself and your home. As always, the ideas at Happy Medium Health are to help create a happy medium. Our tips should normally avoid extreme views but we reserve the right to get a little passionate every now and then. Let's get started!

Get Hydrated! 


Some people have no issue hitting their daily intake of water and then some. Others find themselves drowning in a pool of coffee, soda, alcohol--going days without touching a drop of water. Your body is made up of 60% water. Drinking water helps flush toxins out of your body and keeps your organs functioning more healthy. Sometimes the sign of hunger actually means you are thirsty. But instead of drinking your water, you are snacking on something unhealthy. I always encourage people when they get snacky to drink some water and come back in ten minutes. Ask yourself if you are still hungry. Chances are you won't be and you will have avoided an unnecessary snack.

Here are some ideas to help you get your 64 ounces of water in each day.

Buy a fun water bottle. I have one that is 32 ounces. I need to drink two of them to get to my daily intake. I aim to finish one by lunch time and a second one before dinner time. Anything I drink after that is a bonus!

Track it! For all you super Type As out there, you can download apps on your phone, have a post it note with tick marks, or even just put up a big 'ol chart where it's in your line of vision. Whatever motivates you; do it.

Don't go for gallons. If you struggle to get the minimum of 64 ounces in then don't set your goal so high that you don't try. Keep it simple. Eight servings of eight really isn't that much if that is your total goal.

What are your tips for drinking your daily water? Do you LOVE or LOATHE drinking water? Share it!

Have a great day!