Meet Kaytlin

My Story:

In February of 2011, I found out I had every sign of Celiac Disease, which meant I would be unable to eat gluten for the rest of my life.  A week later (before final medical tests could be completed), I found out I was prego with my second child.  So, needless to say, it was a week of BIG news for me.  The doctors recommended I begin the gluten free diet to see how I felt, even though I could not get an endoscopy due to pregnancy.  It was interesting to be pregnant along with making a huge change to your diet.

Fast forward to January 2014, on my son’s 4 year check-up, his doctor gave him a blood test to check for Celiac since I have it and have felt much better since cutting gluten out of my diet.  He tested positive for it and went through an endoscopy.  Since he was now diagnosed with Celiac, the pediatrician recommended our daughter also get the blood test, which was positive, followed by an endoscopy for her…  Both kids diagnosed with Celiac within a month and also must start a strict gluten free diet.

Rewind 3 months and my husband landed in the ER and then admitted to the hospital for 4 days.  After A LOT of patience and testing, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  So, the 4 of us all have certain restrictions, but it’s all very manageable..

So, now that you know my family’s medical history… I’ll get on with what I have to say about Shaklee.  Unfortunately, all 4 of us have autoimmune, genetic diseases, so we’ve got it for life and there’s no way to prevent it.  However, with cutting gluten out of our diet, we’re missing important vitamins and nutrients that we would normally get from wheat products.  B vitamins is something you would usually get from carbs and other products derived from wheat.  Guess what? Shaklee has a natural, proven B vitamin supplement.

As for my husband, he has to be on multiple immune suppressants to keep Crohn’s at bay, so he is prescribed certain vitamins and minerals and any additional way to maintain his health is great!

Very recently, I decided that I wanted to take more steps to improve both mine and my family’s health.  We’re fairly lucky and stay away unexpected doctor visits, but I know personally, that I could stand to feel better on a regular basis.  Also, I’m 100% certain that these steps will have a huge improvement on my common ’bleh’ attitude that, frankly I've gotten tired of and I’m sure those around me have as well!  :) Moreover, I wanted to invest my time in a rewarding venture because I love to listen to and help people.  And while I get that from my day job, these products are truly too good not to share.  I've heard stories upon stories of how Shaklee products have changed lives by improving the health of families by eliminating allergies/asthma, or by eliminating doctor visits because your body can stand up to the cold/flu season after taking Shaklee vitamins!  It’s amazing to me and I want to be a part of it. #BeAPartOfTheEffect


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