Hey ladies! I'm so glad you're here because I think you're amazing. 

You are busy. 

You are busy caring for others, pursuing a career, maintaining a household, being a mom and wife, and so much more.

You are more than likely tired and exhausted. 

And that stinks. So I want you to think about this for a minute.

What if...

You focused on your health to become a better wife, a better mother, a better friend, sister, daughter?
You were healthy and full of energy? What could you get accomplished every day?
You built a business that provided your family with extra income you needed to live a more flexible life?
You built a business that allowed you to leave your current job and stay home with your children?

What if...

You could do all of it?

I believe you can do it all. 

Why partner with The Revive Group?

We are here to support women on life's journey, to encourage real life moms, and to empower those seeking a financial opportunity. We want to inspire women to take care of their health today so they are better wives and mothers tomorrow.  We don't get sick days. Life doesn't have a practice round. We need to make every moment count. Our desire to help women realize that they are worth better health and happiness today stems from an extremely difficult situation that happened in my life in 2007. Watch here

Our team The Revive Group! 

Why we choose Shaklee?

Shaklee is a leading global natural nutrition company. They are committed to creating the highest quality of natural products to keep you and your family healthy. We are proud to partner with Shaklee because we can help every member of your family have better health. We help find natural solutions for the most common health issues. Plus, we know everything that Shaklee offers is exactly what they say it is and nothing that it is not. Shaklee guarantees that every product is 100% safe and the proof is in their clinical research. Shaklee products are also in over 100 scientific published peer-reviewed medical journals. There is a difference when you use Shaklee products. We are the only company in the world that can prove that their products work after continued use. That's a big part of the Shaklee difference but here are some more reasons!

A company with a vision!

CEO, Roger Barnett with me at the Shaklee Cares Fun Run in Long Beach, CA 

CEO, Roger Barnett with me at the Shaklee Cares Fun Run in Long Beach, CA 

My husband and I at the New Directors Conference with CEO, Roger Barnett. 

My husband and I at the New Directors Conference with CEO, Roger Barnett. 

Shaklee Corporation is also lead by visionary Roger Barnett! Every time we have an opportunity to hear Roger speak and learn more about his vision and mission, we get more excited about the future of our business! Watch the 2015 message from the Chairman of Shaklee, Roger Barnett.  

Read Forbes’ interview with Roger Barnett to learn more about his values and commitment to doing the right thing.

Just imagine... What could a residual income do for your family?

Our first Shaklee car!

Our first Shaklee car!

What would it be like to have help with your car payment? 

Do you and your spouse need a first class vacation? On a warm beach somewhere perhaps?

A free day in San Francisco!

A free day in San Francisco!

 It is the most rewarding work to get there and it only has the opportunity to grow. When I sat down with my husband and we really started thinking about the financial opportunity we had with Shaklee we made a goal to hit $1,000 a month. It was amazing how it transformed our monthly bills! Our dreams continue to grow into something bigger and Shaklee has the vehicle for those dreams to become possible.

In June of 2015, we earned our first Shaklee trip to the San Francisco Bay area for the New Directors Conference! It was such a blessing to see Shaklee Headquarters and the new development lab too! We were also blessed with the flexibility to extend our trip as well!

Now as of November 2015, we are now receiving our first Shaklee car bonus!! My husband had purchased the car last March because we needed a new one but now we get to turn over the payments to Shaklee! 

Shaklee is both flexible and rewarding, all while helping others find a solution for their needs. Have Facebook and a phone? You can do this business! 

Am I a good fit for this business?

You may be a good fit for this business if...

  • You are a woman who wants to get yourself and your family healthier
  • You want to help others get healthier or wealthier
  • You want the freedom to work around your family's schedule
  • You want the financial freedom to start making some of your dreams come true
  • You want to surround yourself by people who are achieving health and happiness
  • You are a self-starter, a motivator, an inspiration, a leader, and are passionate about people
  • You are ready to work hard today for a better future for yourself tomorrow



You are woman ready to jump in and make some changes today: for your health, for your family, for yourself, for your future.

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Let's do this for YOU!

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