Introducing our 5 Day Body Reset!

Sometimes, even the best intentions and plans aren't fool proof. Seasons in life, stress, over-packed schedules, and poor planning sometimes result in a spiral of bad choices which cause us to get off course when it comes to taking care of ourselves and eating healthy.  A downward spiral that needs a plan to get you back on track! 

So let’s dig into the reason you are all here---the Five Day Body Reset!! There are some things I’d like to cover right off the bat. This is NOT designed to be a permanent or quick fix. Please don’t expect to lose 10 pounds and keep it off just by going through these magical five days. This reset IS designed to help reduce toxin buildup, reduce sugar cravings, increase energy, and jump start your body into continuing a healthier lifestyle. Everyone’s results will vary. Also, this reset might be a bit difficult but you should not starve yourself. Since you are cutting out added sugars, you may experience a headache around day two. That is normal and typically subsides after the second day. If you find yourself too hungry, please add more water, protein, fruits, and vegetables into your day! The main point of the reset is to eliminate processed foods and sugars, incorporate as many whole foods as possible, and boost your nutrition through Shaklee supplements. Why Supplement? Watch this video. 

Here is what a day would look like during the reset! One canister of the Shaklee Life Shake is 15 servings so having 3 smoothies a day for 5 days would use your whole canister. Each plan has additional supplements to last you for a whole 30 days of wellness! Remember, the main point of this is to focus on your smoothies as your plant based protein, adding in nutritional supplementation, increasing your fresh food intake and eliminating refined foods. We want you to eat healthy! We also have a list of snack ideas, meal ideas, and tips to help you through this journey. 

One of the key pieces to this reset is support!! We have a private Facebook group that you are invited to join during your reset. It is a positive, supportive community of people who are there to cheer you on and help you succeed! You can do anything for five days and we believe in you! 

Like all things Shaklee, the proof is in the people.

Hear what others have to say...

Andrea: No self-loathing. I didn't hate myself and/or my choices at the end of the day. Physically & mentally I felt stronger.
Chandra: This was my first reset ever, so I admit that I was skeptical of the results & if I'd be able to stick with it for all 5 days. With the help of this Facebook support group & knowing I wasn't alone (and also getting great meal/snack ideas from the posts) I made it through and felt GREAT by Day #5! I definitely find myself wanting to continue eating healthier meals & snacks and my "junk food" cravings have decreased big time smile emoticon Thanks for the help!!
Kendra: So happy to have been part of it. I hadn't realized before how much the food I ate probably caused fatigue. I felt great all week and had no problem sticking with program. I was sure I would be hungry and missing bread but surprisingly I wasn't! Loved the support of others, posts of others throughout the day and how they were dealing with it. Since the reset has ended I have tried to stick to good habits but miss the 5 days of constant reminders, encouragements, etc. and find it harder to stick with it. I would absolutely do another group "reset" anytime!
Holli: I had two huge takeaways, that were bigger than the specifics of this reset: 1. Knowing the five days would be challenging, I really planned ahead and prepared all of my menu + food + supplements ahead of time which allowed me to just grab it when it was time! 2. Lemon water first thing in the morning!
Ashley: From this I learned the power of support! It was so much easier than I thought (and fun!) when I could check in throughout the day and see what others were doing. This gave me a sense of motivation - than I can do this and I will do this again. A little planning goes a long way!!!
Julie: Planning and support are keys to success here. And one of the things I noticed most was the change in my mood. I felt less grumpy in the afternoon and evening. And not so tired and run down.
Emma: Increased energy with less fatigue at the end of my day. I didn't feel tired until I laid in bed. I felt more full when eating all the veggies than I have before.
Anna: I felt more energy and my mind was clearer throughout the week. I was able to focus and remember things without having to write everything down!!
Amanda: I had more energy and focus, and overall I just felt better! Could definitely tell my digestive system was more normal!

How do I get started!?

We have two main options to get started and will give you the supplies you need for the reset. There are also optional add on supplements that support further detoxification of the body. Click on the options below for more info! 

Once you have made your decision to join, contact your Shaklee distributor for further supportive materials and access to the private Facebook group! Not paired with anyone yet? Feel free to contact me and order your kit through the options below!